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Taylor Farms invests in European fresh-cut, salad firm

Taylor Farms invests in Spain-based company, Foodiverse

First strategic movement within the European market

  • Taylor Farms is North America’s leading grower and producer of salads, vegetables and healthy fresh foods.
  • Foodiverse is a leading European operator with expertise in growing and preparing fresh-cut salads, fresh vegetables and healthy foods.
  • The closing of the investment transaction will take place in the form of a capital increase in the upcoming weeks.
  • Taylor Farms’ entry as Foodiverse’s shareholder will enable the collaboration and exchange of best practices with the commitment to quality, innovation, sustainability, and food safety.

SALINAS, Calif, July 26, 2023 – Foodiverse and Taylor Farms, BB #:193361 leading growers and producers of fresh-cut salads, vegetables and healthy fresh foods in Europe and North America respectively, are pleased to announce the agreement to welcome the US company as a new shareholder in the Spanish group. Both companies will become partners through a capital increase that will provide Taylor Farms a significant share in Foodiverse’s capital.

This transaction, which is expected to close in the upcoming weeks, is currently awaiting ratification by the Spanish National Markets and Competition Commission and is subject to necessary bank regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions.

Taylor Farms’ entry as Foodiverse’s shareholder will enable the collaboration and creation of synergies as well as the exchange of best practices with both market leaders’ commitment to sustainability, quality, innovation, and food safety. Moreover, it will promote their continuous growth and the development of new, innovative, fresh, and healthy products, tailored to meet the demands of consumers.

“We are enthused to have Taylor Farms as a strategic partner and proud that they have chosen our company for this purpose,” stated Jesús Gómez, CEO of Foodiverse. “This operation will strengthen our position for sustainable growth, keeping our focus on shared values such as the highest quality and freshness of our products, innovation, and sustainability.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Foodiverse and convinced we found the right partner,” said Bruce Taylor, Founder and CEO of Taylor Farms. “Our collective mission continues to be increasing consumption of healthy fresh foods across the globe.” 

Foodiverse’s multinational operations in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy will continue to be managed by the Foodiverse team and its President Joaquín Ballester and CEO Jesús Gómez.

Taylor Farms Logo

About Taylor Farms

Taylor Farms is the leading North American producer of salads and healthy fresh foods with production facilities across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Taylor Farms is grounded in a commitment to quality, assured supply, innovation, sustainability, and food safety. Taylor Farms is family owned and based in “The Salad Bowl of the World”, Salinas, California. For more information, delicious recipes, and more, visit and follow Taylor Farms on InstagramFacebook, and TikTok.

About Foodiverse 

Foodiverse is much more than a food company. It is a multinational group, with expertise in preparing fresh and healthy foods, created to revolutionize the market through a wide range of innovative, balanced, and trendy products, all designed and prepared to be enjoyed any time of the day, anywhere you go.

Its activity in the food sector covers the entire production chain, from the seed itself all the way to consumers’ tables. In its vision to lead the healthy revolution, over the last few years the group has incorporated leading companies in their respective markets such as the Spanish companies Agromediterránea (2014) and Comfresh (2021), Thurländer Salate (2018) in Germany, Josef Müller Gemüse (2019) in Switzerland, and Novanatura (2019) and Ortoverde (2021) in Italy.

Foodiverse currently boasts 9 production plants in Europe, a distributor and marketer in Spain, and 17 farms throughout Spain and Italy where the company manages over 2,800 hectares every year and provides employment for more than 2,500 people. Sales revenue in 2021 amounted to 327 million euros. The group’s product range consists of vegetables straight from the fields and fresh-cut produce, including salads and ready-to-eat fresh fruit, ready-to-cook or heat vegetables and dishes, as well as vegetable drinks and snacks, which are distributed to more than 400 clients in 22 countries. It has its own brands: Freshkia and Freshkia BIO, Sun&Vegs and BIO Sun&Vegs.

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