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National Onion, Inc. kicks off 41st summer onion harvest

National Onion, Inc. begins 41st summer onion season

Las Cruces, NM — National Onion, Inc. BB #:142939 begins its 41st season marketing and selling onions for Agrocosa – a Gomez Farm company. This long-standing partnership brings high quality short-day and intermediate white, yellow, and red onions to the U.S. and Canadian summer markets.

“Our longevity is based on a combination of product quality and customers service. Agrocosa has the unique ability to grow and yield a consistent product year-after-year, which has allowed us to further the brand since 1982.” said Micah Smith, Vice President, National Onion Inc.

National Onion looks forward to selling its brands Rio Gold (yellow onions), Rio Pearl (white onions), Rio Ruby (red onions), and Rio Sweet (carton sweet yellow onions) nationwide and to the Canadian market. The company will sell Mexican onions until mid-July and then transition to other sales agreements with growers in the U.S.

About National Onion, Inc.

National Onion, Inc. offers the best in onion, Jalapeno and fresh produce products while supplying the highest quality customer service.

We believe success comes through integrity and fair dealings with customers as well as suppliers. To sustain long-term business relationships, we feel that keeping our commitments is of highest priority.

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About Agrocosa, a Gomez Farm company

Agrocosa started back in the 1950’s as a farming operation producing various crops including corn, wheat, cotton, alfalfa, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes.

During the 1970’s the decision was made to test the international market, so fresh onions were produced and sold beyond Mexican borders. Its brands include: Rio Gold, Rio Pearl, Rio Ruby and Rio Sweet.

In the early 1990’s the pepper project began production. Fresh and processed pepper products were also exported worldwide. And the Lago brand was born.