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Canadawide opens second warehouse

canadawide second warehouse

MONTREAL, Quebec — It is with great pride and excitement that Canadawide BB #:117489 officially announces the opening of its additional warehouse at 4747 Cote Vertu West Boulevard in Montreal. Both facilities are at a convenient distance from each other; only 10 minutes!

This new warehouse opens up a world of possibilities in terms of storage and production as it doubles the capacity to 14,000 pallets and the number of ripening rooms. The cross-docking/forward distribution capabilities are unlimited, and produce can be stored at temperatures ranging from -2° to +15° Celsius.

Founded in 1983, Canadawide is a family run business that has built a solid reputation by offering the widest variety of the highest quality produce. Canadawide builds long-term partnerships based on their core values of transparency and reliability. They are committed to providing the best service and they are always looking for innovations. They act as business advisers to their clients and adapt to their needs in terms of packaging styles and designs.

The combined facilities allow for over 320,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art refrigerated space totalling thirty-six rooms. The production area for packaging private labels, co-packing and their well-known Frescadel brand has quadrupled.

Working with Canadawide means choosing quality and building a trustworthy relationship. The additional warehouse now allows for greater opportunities, and they look forward to discussing and assessing your needs.