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Retailers list five top reasons to attend IFPA’s Retail Conference

Retailers reveal five top reasons to attend IFPA’s Retail Conference

Newark, DE. and Washington, D.C.The full retail supply chain will gather June 7-8 near Chicago at The Retail Conference from the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) BB #:378962. Besides taking advantage of ample networking opportunities, including a golf tournament, attendees will learn about and discuss topics affecting retail today.  

Why are retailers excited about the conference? They are ready to: 

  • Meet face to face and connect on a personal level. 
  • Hear how suppliers and retailers adapt to current headwinds. 
  • Network in a relaxed environment, including the golf tournament. 
  • Connect with quality attendees: impressive retailer attendance and top vendors and suppliers. 
  • Gain new insights, supply options, and products for their customers. 

“This conference is a one-stop shop where retailers, suppliers, and solutions providers can get together to connect, do business, and learn,” said Joe Watson, IFPA’s vice president of retail, foodservice, and wholesale. “Having a 1:5 buyer-supplier ratio makes this an event where business happens. And because it has limited attendance, it’s easy to make meaningful connections.”  

The conference schedule provides ample time for attendees to meet, talk, learn, and have fun at the golf tournament the day prior. 

Meet each other face-to-face 

Walmart’s Roland Harmon said: “I am looking forward to this year’s IFPA Retail Conference. This event is going to be a great opportunity for me to engage with suppliers and talk about new and exciting product offerings. I hope to see a lot of suppliers this year – at the conference and on the golf course!” 

“As a first-time attendee, I’m looking forward to meeting some new people in the industry as well as seeing old friends. As always with every in-person event, I’m looking to come away with new insights, information and hopefully some new suppliers and products for our customers,” said Daniel Bell of Grocery Outlet. 

Adapt to headwinds 

Mark Jewell of Hannaford Brothers said: “I attended The Retail Conference in 2022 and want to share how engaging the event was. It allowed me to talk to many different business partners face-to-face, to hear how other suppliers and retailers are solving and adapting to the current headwinds and those we all will be facing in the future. If you have been considering attending, or maybe you have never attended, put this event on your 2023 calendar – you will not be disappointed.” 

Networking, golf 

“The IFPA retail conference is a great way to engage and connect with industry peers and enjoy the multiple educational sessions offered. The golf outing is a great way to network in a relaxed environment. I would encourage anyone that has not attended to come check it out and walk away with some new Innovative solutions and trends,” said Tony Mitchell of Associated Wholesale Grocers. 

“The Retail Conference has a more intimate setting, allowing for connection, networking and educational opportunities,” said Meghan Diaz of Sprouts Farmers Market. “I really enjoyed the golf outing as it gave me the opportunity to meet new vendors and discuss a multitude of topics with them, ultimately giving me a great understanding of their perspective of retail and how, as retailers, we can better approach the business.”  

Supply chain connections 

“Last year when I attended the Retail Conference, I walked away energized and engaged! I found that the conference allowed me to network with both fellow retailers and suppliers on a much more personal level creating real partnerships for the upcoming year,” said Brian Penfield of Sendik’s. 

New insights, options, products 

“Last year’s IFPA Retail Conference in Chicago was a relaxed opportunity for me to meet with an incredible number of leaders in the produce retail industry, talk about our business, and share some of our experiences over these incredibly turbulent retail times,” said Vic Savanello of Spartan Nash. “The retailer attendance is impressive and with that comes many of the top vendors and suppliers we value an opportunity to connect with.” 

Information about the conference schedule and registration is available at the website:  


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