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Oppy produce veteran to retire

Oppy’s Dan Wickland retires

CHICAGO — One of Oppy’s BB #:113404 finest is trading in his phone line for fishing line.

Senior Sales Representative Dan Wickland, who joined Oppy in 2002, “brought his unique brand of salesmanship to the organization,” said Mickey Schaefer, sales manager for the leading grower, marketer and distributor’s Midwest region. “Dan is the longest tenured employee in the history of the Chicago office and has worn many hats during his time with the company, notably his contributions to the growth of Zespri kiwi, Oceanside Pole tomatoes, and JAZZ and Envy apples in our market area.”

Wickland, who retires April 15, is characterized as a fixture in the Midwest produce scene, having worked in the industry for more than four decades.

“The way we do business has changed, but at the heart of it, produce remains a relationship business — with growers, customers and the people we work alongside every day,” Wickland said. “As my career has progressed, I’ve enjoyed spending time with the next generation of Oppy produce pros, instilling strong fundamentals, sharing experiences and appreciating what everyone can bring to the table.”

Wickland expressed wistfulness about leaving behind a career he’s enjoyed to its fullest but celebrates the opportunity for others to grow into new roles with his departure. As well, he has a great deal to look forward to.

Wickland’s focus later this spring will shift from produce relationships to more time spent with family and friends: golfing, fishing, and hosting sumptuous meals prepared with his wife Sally from the bounty of their backyard garden. Wickland also plans a summer getaway to the Northwoods of Wisconsin where he will join friends for the fiftieth consecutive year.

“Dan is a classic produce person, hugely knowledgeable about our products and the ins and outs of the business,” said Senior Vice President of Sales Brett Libke. “He has been a steady influence on our team through many years and many changes, focusing on the details and getting the job done with humor, reliability and style. We wish Dan all the best in his retirement.”

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