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Advance Customs Brokers marks 10-year anniversary

Advance Customs Brokers marks 10-year anniversary
Photo: Maria Bermudez and Pat Compres

Miami-based customs broker Advance Customs Brokers BB #:289411 will celebrate 10 years in business on April 1, 2023. The company was founded by industry veterans Pat Compres and Maria Bermudez with the aim of providing additional levels of support and expertise to companies trading in fresh produce. Over the last decade, Compres and Bermudez have built a team that now supports a strong client base.

“Anything is possible,” says Compres. “However it doesn’t just fall in your lap; it takes dedication. You must make up your mind and go for it. It takes support from many people, team members, customers, suppliers’ vendors, and colleagues to get there. We’re so grateful for all the people who have stood by us and supported us over the last 10 years and prior to that as well. We wouldn’t have made it here without them.”

Compres and Bermudez have influenced the industry with their innovative ideas for the past 30 years. Advance Customs Brokers is the second successful customs brokerage the two have built together. “We are known for superior customer service as well as the capacity to resolve the myriad of complicated challenges inherent in getting perishables from point of origin to the final destination on behalf of their customers,” says Compres. “And, we rely on our long-standing relationships in the industry, along with the deep-rooted expertise and passion for the industry inherent in our team to get the job done.”

Starting from scratch in 2013 with only a few employees, the company now boasts an outstanding team of 42 seasoned professionals. “Our people have vast experience in customs brokerage or with various steamship lines – an unparalleled advantage for any company,” says Compres. “We have focused on building a team and culture of caring, commitment and a strong sense of responsibility to one another and our customers and it shows in our work and results. While there is urgency and intensity, our office is also filled with laughter and fun. We are a family.”

The experience of Compres, Bermudez and their entire team allowed them to navigate the particular challenges of the past several years with efficiency, grace and ease. “We were able to weather the pandemic without laying off a single employee,” says Compres. “Now, we are answering the call for growth the marketplace is demanding through thoughtful planning and by doing what we do best, removing obstacles and solving problems. We stand behind our customers as an extension of their logistics team, offering support and giving technical assistance, counseling and guidance in all aspects of the supply chain. We’re looking forward to the next 10 years and to how we can continue to serve our customers and the industry.”