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Fox Packaging remembers EVP

IN MEMORIAM: Fox Packaging Executive Vice President, Craig Fox, Passes

MCALLEN, Texas – Craig Fox, Executive Vice President at Fox Packaging, BB #:145435 passed away on Wednesday, February 1, 2023. Celebrated for his vigor and enthusiasm, Craig, alongside his family, pioneered packaging solutions which have greatly and positively impacted the fresh produce industry.

With great respect toward agriculture and a dedication to industry relationships, Craig served the produce industry for over four decades. After graduating from Texas Christian University, he joined his father, Kenneth Fox, and his brother, L. Keith Fox, in 1982 as a Sales Executive with the focus of building strong customer relationships and expanding territories across the country.

Craig was undeniably dedicated in his service to his customers. His career centered around bringing a personal approach toward partnership, always emphasizing that the concerns of our customers were also the concerns of Fox Packaging. Craig’s individual boldness won both the trust and friendship of brand owners; his charisma made him a beloved industry figure whose charm was directly reflected in the growth of the organization.

Craig is survived by his wife, Nyssa, daughter, Ashlee, and two sons, Jacob, and Dylan, both who continue his legacy within the organization, and four grandchildren. The Fox family and organization will forever hold Craig’s memory as a blessing.

About Fox Packaging

Fox Packaging is a family-owned and operated industry leader in developing and distributing unique flexible packaging solutions for fresh produce packers and shippers throughout North America and Latin America. Fox Packaging has spent the last five decades pioneering one-of-a-kind bag options that reduce product damage, showcase the natural beauty of the product and provide a beautiful foundation for branding and artwork. Fox Packaging focuses on innovative and sustainable packaging, with a drive toward mindfully protecting fresh produce, communities, and the environment.