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Wonderful Pistachios launches $10,000 TikTok hashtag challenge

#GetCrackin on TikTok with Wonderful Pistachios' $10,000 Hashtag Challenge

The iconic “Get Crackin’” campaign that helped Wonderful Pistachios BB #:355607 become a household name is back and taking on TikTok! 

As part of its dedication to building a @wonderfulpistachios presence on the social media platform, America’s #1 Nut has partnered with today’s top TikTok talent to showcase and celebrate the unique ways people enjoy cracking open and eating pistachios. 

Today, Wonderful Pistachios launched the #GetCrackin branded hashtag challenge. Through February 20, TikTok users can use the custom #GetCrackin branded effect to create and post a fun video of how they creatively crack open Wonderful Pistachios for a chance to win $10,000 and a one (1) year supply of Wonderful Pistachios. Prizes for second, third and fourth place are also available. Official contest rules along with additional prize information is available at 

Check out our Wonderful Pistachios partners and their TikTok posts hyperlinked below: 

Shawn Johnson (@shawnjohnson) does it in a handstand. 

These days ex-Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson is known for her family-oriented TikTok videos as much as she is for her gold medal. Shawn and her former-NFL player husband continued to Get Crackin’ in their on-going series of friendly athletic competition, and to see who could crack a pistachio first while in a handstand! With their feet up the wall, they tested who could crack a pistachio with one hand, while keeping balance with the other. Shawn brought together the two things she is most known for: gymnastics and her family. 

Alex Wong (@alexdwong) does it with an interpretive dance routine. 

Alex has devised an interpretive dance routine representing “How Dancers Get Crackin’.” He showcases dance moves representing the opening and crunching of the bag, as well as moves representing a pistachio cracking with his leg up in a split, moving his hip farther and farther with each crack. All while dancing to the beat of the cracks. 

Vanesa Amaro (@vanesamaro91) does it when it’s time for a break. 

Vanesa’s concept takes us on a journey throughout her extraordinarily busy day.  Using speed ramping, we are given glimpses into her home cleanings, filming and editing TikTok’s for her channel, and even on set for a lifestyle shoot. Amidst the chaos of work, she takes a moment for herself to relax and find peace, revealing a bag of Wonderful Pistachios from her purse.  She cracks them open and we witness a sense of euphoria and energy that revitalize her and empower her to charge through the rest of her day! 

Joseph’s Machines (@josephmachines) does it with his machine. 

Joseph has become synonymous with engineering elaborate machines, that are as impressive as they are comical, to accomplish life’s simplest tasks. In the spirt of his most engaging and beloved videos, he developed a one-of-a -kind pistachio crackin’ and snackin’ machine. One by one pistachios make their way along a conveyor belt, heading towards a pistachio cracking device. Once cracked the pistachio kernel drops down a tube conveniently into Joseph’s mouth. Joseph Get’s Crackin’ the only we he knows how to, with the help of one of his machines. 

Pierre Stepz (@pierrestepzz) does it in the style of real life and anime. 

Pierre created a video in the theme of his popular on-going series of “real life vs anime” to show how he Gets Crackin’. To start his video, Pierre brought a bit of levity by simply eating a cracked open pistachio. In the style of anime, he began with a large close-up of an in-shell Wonderful Pistachios pistachio on screen and dramatically chopped it open with his hand slicing downwards, bursting the pistachio into flames. As it bursts open, the ground dramatically cracked and crumbled all around compounding the force of the crack until the world cracks in half around him.  

Thoren Bradley does it on his first attempt. 

Everyone’s favorite ax-wielding internet sensation, Thoren Bradley, wants to remain true to the spirit of his original content. In his #GetCrackin video Thoren goes beyond this, not only focusing on his strength and technique, but his heightened sense of accuracy. Thoren’s video focuses around using his pinpoint accuracy to split open a pistachio in one powerful (and accurate) swing! 

Daniel and David Hulett do it with a trick shot. 

Daniel and David show us how they Get Crackin’ by nailing one of their most difficult and inventive trick-shot yet.  They putt a golf ball up a ramp in perfect synchronization into a bucket attached to each side of a suspended pistachio nut. Having timed this just right, it successfully cracked the pistachio open and miraculously drops the pistachio nut into a very narrow, small mouth bottle below. This literal depiction of Get Crackin’ puts Wonderful Pistachios at the center of the action! 

Elladj Balde does it on a single blade. 

Elladj demonstrates a charming skating routine in which he brings Wonderful Pistachios along for the ride. Upon presenting the Wonderful Pistachios bag front and center, he removes a handful of pistachios and off he goes amongst a scenic backdrop of snow-capped mountains! He immediately gains rapid speed and transitions backwards to build up to an incredible slo-mo back flip!  Upon coming to a screeching stop he cracks open a pistachio and eats it close up in front of camera with a smile.