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Ultrafast grocer Getir reviews top trends of 2022

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Chicago, IL | December 20, 2022 From the pandemic years that saw spirits and wine sales increase, 2022 pivoted, with health and wellness becoming front and center, according to Getir, the pioneer of ultrafast grocery delivery, and their proprietary data and insights. With 2022 almost in the bag, Getir Delivered, a global1 year-in-review report, took a look back at customer purchasing behaviors in 2022 using its proprietary AI driven data. What did this almost post-pandemic year tell us about ultra-fast purchasing habits?

“Getir, first and foremost, is a technology company. With over seven years in business, our deep inventory of data and AI is consistently learning and allowing us to understand our customers and anticipate their needs and desires,” said Elif Çar, Chief US Transformation Officer, Getir. “As we look to 2023 and beyond, we continue to see a positive demand for the conveniences that ultrafast grocery provides, from essentials to last-minute indulgences.”

Global Delivery Distance Traveled: 200MM+ KM (124MM+ Miles), more than 260 trips to the moon and back

Most Popular Global Order Days: Saturdays and Sundays

Most Popular Global Order Times: Between 19:00 – 21:00 (7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.)

Health & Wellness

After pandemic years filled with over-eating and inactivity across the EU, the U.K., and the U.S., health, and wellness took front and center with non-alcoholic beverages, fresh fruits, and vegetables driving purchasing behaviors. Bottled water, bananas, and apples topped the list. The outliers, the U.K. and Netherlands, whose sweet tooth drove their desires, with confectionery coming in as one of their top in-demand categories.

Winter Hibernation

As temperatures dropped and customers hibernated from the cold, orders increased globally over the winter months, with March, followed by February, seeing the highest number of orders. Soup, broth, and ramen sales increased, keeping everyone warm.

Valentine’s Day

For all those last-minute planners, Getir to the rescue! Chocolates and roses were one of the most popular items delivered on Valentine’s Day, increasing +92% globally. With condoms delivered within minutes, those numbers hit an all-time high leading up to Valentine’s Day where sales were up, globally, 29%. The U.S. saw over a 200% increase in condom sales. Romance is alive!

Summer Heat Waves

Summer 2022 was one of the hottest on record across the EU, the U.K. and the U.S. It’s no surprise that ice cream was in high demand during the warmest summer months. The most in-demand flavors by country:

France: Cookie Dough

Germany: Caramel

Italy: Pistachio

Netherlands: Exotic Fruits

Portugal: Caramel Brownie

Spain: Lemon/Lime

Turkey: Chocolate

United Kingdom: Chocolate/Cookie Dough

United States: Cookie Dough

FIFA World Cup

While alcoholic beverages may have been banned at the World Cup this year, customer demand for alcohol increased during the games. Beer took the lead over wines and spirits. The in-demand beverages by country:

France: Corona Extra Beer

Germany: Augustiner Lagerbier Hell

Italy: Birra Moretti Ricetta Originale Chilled

Netherlands: Heineken Pilsner

Portugal: Super Bock Mini

Spain: Mahou Clásica Pale Lager Beer

United Kingdom: Heineken Silver Beer Lager

United States: Stella Artois Belgian Beer

1Getir global data sourced from January 1, 2022 through November 30, 2022, includes France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, U.K.,U.S.

About Getir:

Getir is the pioneer of ultrafast grocery delivery. The tech company, based in Istanbul, has revolutionized last-mile delivery with its “groceries in minutes” delivery proposition, offering approximately 2,000 everyday items to its customers. Getir was founded in 2015 and operates in Turkey, the U.K., the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the U.S. Learn more at