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I Love Produce inspects new Argentina garlic crop

Garlic, Wine, Foosball and the World Cup in Argentina

The I Love Produce BB #:204850 team spent the last week inspecting the new crop garlic coming into the harvest season in Mendoza, Argentina and got a dose of the World Cup and soccer culture to boot.

Jim Provost and Sebastian Zamores spent a week visiting their garlic suppliers in Mendoza which happened to coincide with Argentina’s Quarter-Final World Cup match against the Netherlands (Argentina won the World Cup December 18 over France).

“Normally we visit Argentina to inspect garlic during their early summer, which in the Southern Hemisphere is in December”, explained Provost, President of I Love Produce.  “Because of Covid, this was our first trip in three years, so it was a very important for us to see our partners in Argentina.”

Argentina had very good weather conditions at harvest, which was dry and not too hot. Their garlic is clean with good size.

“I Love Produce offers the newest, freshest garlic available to our customer partners.” said Zamores, Food Safety and Quality Control Coordinator for I Love Produce.  “We will have new garlic that we will be proud to market, making our customers and suppliers very happy”.

I Love Produce has two representatives in Argentina sourcing the best garlic and providing information about garlic and market conditions to I Love Produce, Fernando Di Lello and Yueh Cheng Chu. 

The team was invited to an “asado” the Argentina version BBQ to enjoy the quarter-final World Cup match between Argentina and the Netherlands.  With the Argentina win, the entire city gripped in soccer fever.  “We even managed to play some foosball with a local club,” said Provost.  “We exchanged our I Love Produce shirt with the local club’s jersey and made some great friends in the process”.

I Love Produce has new crop white Argentina garlic available in time for the holidays.  Contact our sales team for more information.