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Peruvian ag exports up 14% in 2022

peru mangos 2-28-20

From January and September of this year, Peruvian agricultural exports totaled $6.37 billion, reflecting an increase of 13.85 percent compared to the same period the last year, according to Agraria, using figures from Agrodata Peru.

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In the first three quarters of 2022, Peruvian agroexports totaled 3.01 billion kilograms, reflecting an increase of 3.72 percent compared to the 2.9 billion kilos shipped in the same period last year.

Agrodata Peru highlighted that of the total Peruvian agricultural exports between January and September 2022, traditional agricultural exports totaled $875 million for 210 million kilos; non-traditional agricultural shipments (agribusiness, cereals, dyes, fruits, hair and yarn, flowers and buds, legumes and vegetables, others) amounted to $5.5 billion for 2.8 billion kilos.

The following commodity exports stood out:

-avocados $1,015,608,425 for 601,981,301 kg;

-blueberries $768,391,702 for 150,212,587 kg;

-grapes $559,097,097 for 229,157,099 kg;

-fresh mangos $209,058,701 for 164,573,358 kg;

-processed and frozen mangos $132,066,358 for 67,675,759 kg;

-fresh asparagus $241,187,567 for 83,241,301 kg;

-whole paprika $77,788,162 for 23,640,721 kg;

-canned asparagus $68,675,877 for 24,486,305 kg;

-canned artichokes $64,881,762 for 28,866,723 kg; and

-ginger $48,870,525 for 37,888,287 kg.