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Remembering Jim Prevor 

Jim Prevor obituary

The founder of Produce Business magazine, Jim Prevor, has passed away. 

“Today, the produce industry lost one of its champions, Jim Prevor,” said Blue Book Services CEO Jim Carr. “Through his writings, teaching, and just overall caring persona, Jim was a larger-than-life voice, who challenged all of us to make this industry better and more responsive. His voice has been quieted but will never be forgotten. Thank you, Jim, for your leadership, love of family and industry. We are better because of you.” 

Likewise, I also got to know Jim in my 25 years covering the fresh produce industry. Although we were competitors in publishing, he was friendly and open with me, and I have a great amount of respect for him as a journalist, business leader, family man, and friend. 

He had a powerful personality which he used to build his business and promote the produce industry, including pushing it in ways it sometimes didn’t want to be pushed. 

Jim Prevor was genuine and truly one of a kind, and the produce industry will greatly miss him. 


Greg Johnson is Director of Media Development for Blue Book Services