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Scary scenarios for Halloween

halloween veggies

Since this is Halloween, it seems appropriate to share a couple of produce-themed images suited to the season.

baby carrots (002)

More than one cartoonist seems has made a connection between vegetables and the witches’ cauldron:

Following up on infernal themes, while attempting to remove the shrink-wrap off a half-baked baguette this weekend, I came up with this horrifying scenario:

There is a curious neighborhood of hell called Shrink-Wrap Hell. It is recognizably like a present-day middle-class America, except everything is shrink-wrapped individually—squares of toilet paper, charcoal briquets, dog kibble, contact lenses. To make it worse, everything is magically shrink-wrapped again after every use. You have to take the shrink-wrap off your car every time you drive. You have to take the shrink-wrap off the toilet every time you have to go. You even have to take the shrink-wrap off your garbage before you put it out.

I posted this on Facebook, and a friend responded with this image, which reminds us that progress is moving ever forward:

It is reassuring to think that somebody removed the peels from these bananas only to put them into packaging that is harder to open than a banana itself. Carrefour is the name of a large French supermarket chain, which may mean that the Europeans are far ahead of us in this regard.

Finally, and not, perhaps entirely relevantly, there is this homage to America’s favorite vegetable:


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