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Ocean Spray launches ‘Power Your Holidays’ campaign

Ocean Spray Launches “Power Your Holidays” Campaign

With Cranberries, Holidays Tablescapes Will Never Be Boring as Ocean Spray Launches an Original Dance Track 

BOSTON – Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., BB #:101525 the agricultural cooperative owned by more than 700 farmer families, today announced the Power Your Holidays campaign for this year’s holiday season, introducing the infectiously wiggling, jiggling cranberry as the most powerful party guest in the house, taking the cranberry from a traditional side-dish to a bold center-stage table star.

Developed by Ocean Spray AOR, Orchard Creative (NYC), and directed by Jeff Low, the creative campaign launches with a comedic spot featuring a bespoke track created by Mack Goudy Jr. of the legendary electronic dance group: The Detroit Grand Pubahs. 

Tables across the country already know the cranberry to be a powerful holiday guest, as it’s often the only bright red food in a spread of beige potatoes and casseroles. But this year, Ocean Spray wants everyone to feel that power.

The “Power Your Holidays” campaign spot shows an all too familiar scene: a tense, bored family forced together in a formal dining room for a holiday dinner. The father comes into the room from the kitchen, placing at the center of the table the main event: three wiggling, jiggling logs of Ocean SprayÒ Jellied Cranberry Sauce. As the jellies wiggle, the family is transfixed. They each begin to mirror the jelly, wiggling and jiggling just as the jelly does. Soon, the whole table erupts, and what was once a boring dinner is now a full-out party.

“Cranberries have provided the punch on holiday tables for centuries and we want people to see with new eyes, the power within the cranberry that we and our growers know so well,” said Dan Hamilton, Head of Marketing CoE at Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. “We hope people will feel the joy from Ocean Spray this holiday season. What better way to do that than the joy of watching the iconic jiggle of our jellied cranberry sauce?”

“There’s something hypnotic and captivating about watching jelly jiggle. It’s hard to be mad when you see it. We took that truth and followed it to its illogical conclusion.” said David Kolbusz, CCO of Orchard Creative.

The holistic campaign features TV & digital spots with custom music made by Mack Goudy Jr. Creative will be launched across the U.S. within streaming video platforms, across social media, and custom media partnerships, including Vox. Social and digital extensions of the campaign aim to invite America to jiggle with Ocean Spray this holiday season. KWG, Ocean Spray’s Media AOR, is leading the media buy for the campaign.

Power Your Holidays Campaign can be found here.  The original song and extended version will be available on Spotify this month.  

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In 1930, Ocean Spray was founded by three maverick farmers – bonded by bold cranberry love. Since then, we’ve grown into a vibrant global agricultural cooperative, built on the strength of roughly 700 farmer families in the United States, Canada and Chile. Together, we’ve worked to preserve the family farming way of life for nearly 100 years, and for generations to come. Today, our cranberries show up in more than a thousand deliciously nourishing products in over 100 countries worldwide. United by passion and purpose, Ocean Spray is committed to trailblazing the power of the mighty cranberry through its offbeat taste and uncanny nutrition to feed happier lives for all. Born Tart. Raised Bold.