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Guatemala produce importers reveal plans for IFPA Global Produce Show

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A wide variety of fruits and vegetables from Guatemala will be showcased throughout IFPA’s Global Produce & Floral Show October 27-29th in Orlando, FL.

Members of the Guatemala Produce Trade Association (GPTA) will proudly present numerous produce items and services at the following booths:

CarbAmericas, Booth #4955
Crystal Valley, Booth #1879
Dave’s Specialty, Booth #3558
Harvest Sensations, Booth # 4842
J&C Tropicals, Booth #2387
Maya Fresh / AYCO, Booth #4179
Southern Specialties, Booth #2371
Crowley/Customized Brokers, Booth #1060
Seaboard Marine, Booth #910

Also attending the show will be GPTA members: Agricultural Marketing Services, Ben Bud Growers, Farm Direct Supply, Growers Are Us, Tomahack Produce, Advance Customs Brokers and The Perishable Specialist.

“Guatemala offers such a large array of produce items,” says Priscilla Lleras-Bush, GPTA coordinator. “Our members market quality fruits including berries, bananas, mango, pineapples and rambutan. We also have greenhouse-grown heirloom tomatoes as well as specialty vegetables including baby squash, Brussels sprouts, French beans, sugar snaps and fresh peas.”

While all the GPTA members offer a wide variety of produce some products of particular interest at the member booths include: a full assortment of tropicals at J&C Tropicals; rambutan at Crystal Valley; and heirloom tomatoes at Southern Specialties; and processed plantains at Worldwide Frozen Foods a line at CarbAmericas.

Several GPTA members also offer microwaveable, extended shelf life and value-added packaging.

Conversations about production, logistics and transportation will be part of the value offered by GPTA convention attendees, both those exhibiting and those walking the show floor.

“Our association members represent a wealth of knowledge and experience,” says Lleras-Bush. “Anyone doing business with Guatemalan product will definitely benefit from seeking out our members.”

For more information, please visit the Guatemala Produce Trade Association website.

Press contact:
Priscilla Lleras-Bush
Tel: (817) 793-3133