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Taylor Farms releases 2022 Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report


SALINAS, Calif. – Taylor Farms, BB #:193361 North America’s leading producer of salads and healthy fresh foods, has published its 2022 Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report, featuring innovative advancements and investments in education, health & wellness, and environmental stewardship.

Explore the report here:

“Despite the challenges brought on by a global pandemic, we are extremely proud of the work that is highlighted in this report” said Bruce Taylor, Chairman and CEO. “We continue to be committed to leading with change and being a force for good in the world. This bi-annual report is a true testament of how we are living out our promise to help people lead vibrant and healthy lives. We are motivated every day by the ever-evolving vision of our team members, customers, partners, consumers, and community to create healthier lives for all.”

Taylor Farms’ 2022 Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report focuses on three core pillars where the company has committed to creating positive long-lasting social and environmental impact through our products, processes, and people, thus helping leave the world a better place from farm to fork. These pillars are interconnected, each sustaining the other and are brought to life through the company’s transformative business model and innovative culture.

Healthy Business – Quality & Food Safety, Innovation and Workforce Development
Healthy Environment – Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and Resource Conservation
Healthy Community – Youth Development, Food Accessibility and Health & Wellness

The dedication of 24,000 team members allows us to use our scale for good. Together, we are preserving a healthy world for future generations, sustaining a healthy business that provides safe, high-quality fresh foods, and building a healthy community by providing opportunities and resources to aid people in leading healthy and vibrant lives.

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Taylor Farms is a leading North American producer of salads and healthy fresh foods with production facilities across the US, Canada, and Mexico. Taylor Farms is grounded in a commitment to quality, assured supply, innovation, sustainability, and food safety. Taylor Farms is family owned and based in “The Salad Bowl of the World” Salinas, California. For more information, delicious recipes, and more visit and follow Taylor Farms on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.