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Island Magic Fiji turmeric root achieves food safety certification

Premium Organic Fijian Turmeric Done Right

“With the easing of Covid restrictions, Island Magic Fiji BB #:370140 has achieved certification under the Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) framework meaning we now bring gold standards in food safety, sustainability, and organics to the table, and are undoubtedly the best positioned to deliver the untapped wonders of this tropical island paradise,” said Mr. Steve Hutchinson, Island Magic Fiji director of public relations.

Mr. Hutchinson continued ‘…the FSSC 22000 framework operates in conjunction with the USDA NOP Organic Certification status also held by the company ensuring all organic turmeric root delivered weekly to the USA is fully compliant with all requirements of the retail, foodservice and beverage markets’.

Based in the beautiful, pristine island nation of Fiji, and with vast reserves of USDA NOP organically certified land from which to draw from, Island Magic has in a very short time become Fiji’s largest supplier of premium quality USDA NOP organic turmeric to the USA. According to Mr. Hutchinson, the company’s success can, in large part, be attributed to Island Magic being genuinely community-based.

To explain, Island Magic turmeric is harvested weekly to order by the member communities of its village supply network, and exported by airfreight to ensure that an optimal premium quality product is delivered each shipment.

By doing this, Island Magic injects much needed revenues into these remote communities and helps to feed hundreds of families on a weekly basis. This system also provides much-needed employment opportunities in remote rural areas for all participating community members but especially women, which account for approximately 60% of its workforce. This was critical in a COVID ravaged economy and is crucial in its aftermath.

In spite of Covid’s global impact, Island Magic nevertheless established itself as a dependable supplier around which all its clientele built reliable, sustainable and robust organic turmeric programs. Whilst suppliers face growing pressure to deliver sustainably and reliably against ever increasing inflationary costs, Island Magic continues to overcome these difficulties and consistently supplies premium organic Fijian turmeric to its buyers on a weekly basis as promised, to all corners of the USA.

Mr. Hutchinson concluded by saying ‘If you use fresh Fijian turmeric, you’ve probably used our products and if you’re ever in need you can find our turmeric in LA where we make sure to store extra supply for urgent requests. To date we have concentrated solely on supplying Turmeric. However, with this latest certification we will now move ahead with our development plans identifying other items we can bring sustainably to market in North America, Europe/ UK and Asia. Fiji is a genuine tropical wonderland, and with unsullied nutrient rich volcanic soils, nourishing tropical rainfalls and abundant year-round sunshine, everything grown there is of the highest quality imaginable. It is an understatement to say the Island Magic team are beyond excited to have the opportunity to bring the best Turmeric in the world as well as outstanding other offerings to the global market’.