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Fresh Prep, LLC debuts Fair Earth Farms, a new line of organic salad kits

Fresh Prep, LLC Debuts Fair Earth Farms, a Compostable, Sustainable New Line of Organic Salad Kits

Fair Earth Farms Introduces Six SKUs to Buyers Packaged in Plant-Based, Fully-Compostable Bags

OXNARD, Calif. – Boskovich Fresh Food Group’s subsidiary Fresh Prep, LLC launches its next innovative retail line, Fair Earth Farms, to the industry with six SKUs. Fair Earth Farms will be the first in its category to package organic salad kits and salad blends in plant-based, fully-compostable bags, printed using water-based inks that will break down into rich, organic soil (this unique fully compostable packaging is patent pending). Building a new model for the future, Fair Earth Farms maintains that the foods we eat come from an earth we must nurture in return.

“Consumers have been asking for a more sustainable solution to the plastic crisis facing our planet and we’ve heard them loud and clear,” said Deep Silver, Senior Marketing Director at Fresh Prep, LLC and Boskovich Family Farms. “We invite our customers to assist us in building a more sustainable future with Fair Earth Farms’ disruptive, first-of-its-kind fully compostable packaging. Consumers can now not only feel good about what they are putting in their bodies, but how they’re helping the planet as well.”

Boskovich Fresh Food Group is a dedicated family of growers from California with over 100 years of experience known for its multi-generational knowledge and commitment to sustainable farming practices, its food safety excellence, and its consistent product quality across conventional and organic items. Fair Earth Farms is the next chapter for the company focusing on fresh produce coupled with a renewed commitment to sustainable innovation within the category.

The line is committed to building a better future by providing better choices for everyday produce; its compostable, plant-based bags will break down into the earth’s soil over time, contributing to farming’s regenerative cycle and providing a solution to the current plastic crisis.

The revolutionary, USDA-Certified Organic Fair Earth Farms line offers two salad kit flavors and four salad greens blends. The two enticing flavor-forward salad kits Superfood Crunch and Honey Coconut Cashew speak to the health and earth conscious consumers looking for a delicious meal with on-trend ingredients. Each brightly colored, inviting package lists the kit ingredients and the fully compostable promise. The triple-washed and ready to eat greens varieties can be found in options such as Baby Spinach, Baby Arugula, Spring Mix, and Power Greens, providing healthy bases to any salad or the perfect vitamin-rich ingredients that are easy-to-incorporate into a favorite recipe. The Superfood Crunch is a particular standout with its hearty blend of organic, superfoods featuring baby kale, baby spinach, and baby chard with fresh cauliflower rice, carrots and red cabbage topped with crispy quinoa, cranberries and antioxidant-rich walnuts, alongside a lemon poppyseed dressing for a burst of flavor and a rich source of Vitamin A & K.

In addition to being USDA-Certified Organic, Fair Earth Farms is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition that believes in the power of industry to make packaging more sustainable and is certified through the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), the global standard for composting, which ensures the compostability of the packaging has been properly tested and that consumers can dispose of the packaging in their compost bin without worry. To help customers further when it comes to composting, Fair Earth Farms will have a How2Compost label, a standardized on-package label that clearly communicates composting instructions to the public.

Consumers can keep up with the organic compostable goodness of Fair Earth Farms on Instagram and Facebook. Interested retail partners can visit and to learn more about the Fair Earth Farms line. To inquire about sampling or carrying the line, please email