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Frost nips Chilean citrus forecast, down 27 percent from 2021

July 6, 2022.  Following a thorough assessment of the areas affected by frosts in late May, the Chilean Citrus Committee has delivered an updated forecast.

Total Chilean citrus volume is expected to fall 27% from 2021, from 396,975 tons to 290,300 tons. Looking at individual categories, clementines will have the greatest variation, with a 49% decrease from 68,671 tons to 34,800 tons. Navel volume is expected to decline 20% from 103,161 tons to 82,500 tons, while lemon volume is anticipated to fall by 22%, from 100,542 tons to 78,000 tons.  Finally, the volume of mandarins, Chile’s largest citrus category, has a projected decline of 24%, from 124,601 tons to 95,000 tons.

The Citrus Committee has the technology and technical abilities to separate the damaged fruit both in the field and during the packing process, thus avoiding its packaging and export. These measures have already been applied in previous seasons with very good results.  Rigorous quality control procedures will be implemented throughout the season to ensure that Chile’s global citrus markets are receiving consistently high-quality fruit.

Chile has exported nearly 51,000 tons of citrus through Week 25. This includes 29,094 tons clementines, 6,985 tons navels and 14,514 tons lemons.  The U.S. continues to be the largest market for Chilean citrus exports.  Of the volume shipped YTD, the U.S. market has received 53% of lemons, 88% of navels and 99% of clementines. Promotion support is available now through October.

.Updated Forecast

  2021 2022  
Metric Tons % VAR
Clementines 68,671 34,800 -49 %
Mandarins 124,601 95,000 -24 %
Oranges 103,161 82,500 -20 %
Lemons 100,542 78,000 -22 %
TOTAL 396,975 290,300 -27 %