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Lipman advances partnerships with local farms for summer produce

Lipman Family Farms Nourishes Partnership

IMMOKALEE, Fl. – Lipman Family Farms BB #:110471 continues advancements within the Lipman Local program, supporting strong partnerships as the summer season begins.

Since its inception, the program has evolved through forward-looking developments within crop utilization, acreage expansion, increasing supply as well as continued testing for innovative data collection tools to ensure optimal, local produce is available year-round.

“As a family-owned company, the foundation of what we do is being the farmer and building a strong network of other local growers and family farmers,” said David Ackers, manager of procurement and Lipman Local. “We don’t compete with the small to mid-sized farms, we partner with them to create success at every level. With over 30 years of local partnerships, our growers have become family and we are devoted to expanding our program and shortening the connection between grower and consumer.”

With increasing production costs and inflation causing discrepancies in consumer grocery purchasing, the Lipman Local program helps local farmers provide consumers with a fresh supply of produce with the support of Lipman’s most valuable growing resources and connections.

Harvest and production of local dry vegetables such as pepper, eggplant, green and yellow squash, cucumber and more are currently in full swing in New Jersey and North Carolina. Through the Lipman Local program, New Jersey farming partners have expanded their pepper acreage by 30% and doubled cucumber acreage since last year’s growing season.

As value becomes forefront in consumers’ purchasing decisions, there is more opportunity than ever to provide and encourage the purchase of in-season local produce, since sourcing locally supports sustainable practices and uplifts small- to medium-sized businesses in the surrounding communities.

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