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Dulcich & Sons partners with Hazel Tech for grape exports

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CHICAGO, IL (June 10, 2022) – Hazel Technologies, Inc. BB #:302595 developer of USDA-funded technologies to protect produce quality, announces a collaboration with McFarland, CA-based Jakov Dulcich & Sons BB #:140020, a family-owned and operated table grape grower/packer/shipper with 60+ years of experience and over 3,000 acres of vertically integrated fresh table grapes under management.

Dulcich & Sons is best known for their Pretty Lady brand, recognized as a leader in quality and taste in the table grape industry. The team exports green, red, and black varietals globally through their worldwide marketing arm, Sunlight International Sales, Inc.

Founded in the 1960s, Dulcich & Sons started off as a small vineyard run by husband-and-wife team, Jakov and Antoinette Dulcich. Their hard work and passion for grapes was passed down to their two sons, Peter and Nick, who run the operation today.

While the company has grown tenfold over the last half century, their values are still rooted in creating high-quality product with a great taste. The operation exports their wide array of varietals, like global favorites Adora®, Autumn Crisp®, Green Emerald®, Midnight Beauty®, Scarlotta®, and Sugar Drop® to countries including Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Korea.

According to the Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics, California table grape exporters experienced at least a 16% decrease in export volume in 2021 relative to 2020. While many exporters turned to air freight, this choice came with a hefty price tag.

Determined to provide premium-quality grapes, Dulcich & Sons plans to continue their 2022 export program with Hazel Tech. With the Hazel® flagship technology, Hazel 100™, table grapes arrive with greener stems across multiple varieties even after extended time on the water.

“Not only have I seen the benefits of Hazel 100™ with my own eyes, but my customers are seeing it too,” said Nick Dulcich, co-owner and president at Dulcich & Sons, “One of our customers in Malaysia raved about seeing greener stems from our Hazel 100-treated grapes. This is just one of many examples of why we’re planning on using Hazel 100 on all of our export and storage grapes in 2022.”

“Investing in Hazel 100™ is definitely a step worth taking, especially during these trying times in the supply chain,” said Mike Rubidoux, Director of Sales Strategy at Hazel Technologies, “By using Hazel 100, exporters will have peace of mind that their grapes will arrive to their destination with greener stems, leading to less adjustments upon inspection and greater returns overall.”

About Hazel Technologies, Inc.:
Hazel Technologies, Inc. is a USDA-funded startup company that develops new solutions to extend the quality shelf life of fresh produce and reduce food waste. Founded in 2015, Hazel Tech services over 300 of the world’s largest fresh produce packers, shippers, and retailers. Selected as a Finalist for Fast Company’s 2020 World Changing Ideas and winner of “Best Sustainable Packaging” at the 2020 World Food Innovation Awards, the company’s patented and patent-pending technologies have been tested by top academic research programs.

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About Jakov Dulcich & Sons:
Dulcich & Sons is a progressive grower/packer/shipper of premium California table grapes with 60+ years of expertise. Jakov Dulcich and the Dulcich family, came from humble beginnings, immigrating to the United States with little money but lots of dreams. Through hard work and determination, they were able to purchase 50 acres of farmland in Delano, California, and soon started a family.

Jakov instilled a hard work mentality into all three of his children. It was common to see his sons Peter and Nick working the vines after attending the local school. As time went on, Peter and Nick found a love for growing grapes, and the company continued to flourish. Now sitting at 6,000 acres, Dulcich & Sons is one of the largest grower/packer/shippers in the state of California.

The Dulcich brothers attribute their success to always looking to the future. That thinking has made Dulcich & Sons a pioneer in new varieties and packaging.

Like when they were children, Peter and Nick are still working in the fields, to ensure they continue to provide premium table grapes for their loyal customers. Although the company has developed into a global brand, the Dulcich brothers have stayed true to their roots and, with no signs of stopping, look forward to what the future holds. For more information, visit