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Cub Foods signs up for AI promotion solution

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ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Cognira has announced a new relationship with Cub to effectively manage the company’s promotions with the help of Cognira’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Promotion Solution.

Cub is one of the largest grocers in the Midwest, operating 80 grocery stores and pharmacies, as well as 30 Liquor and Wine & Spirits locations.

Modernizing the promotion management process is a key part of Cub’s vision, encouraging the grocer to discover a solution that can better plan, manage, analyze, and optimize promotions. Cognira’s configurable solution has the ability to analyze historical performance, embed workflows and approvals, provide AI insights that align with the business, and forecast promotional demand across all products.

“Consumers are consistently searching for promotions that are most relevant to their purchasing habits and our job as their grocer is to bring those promotions to them as efficiently and effectively as possible,” said Luke Anderson, chief information officer at Cub.

“Working with Cognira and their centralized solution for promotion planning, optimization, and personalization will give us the ability to achieve that vision.”

Cognira’s AI Promotion Solution addresses the entire lifecycle of promotion planning across merchandising and marketing organizations. This includes supporting in-store discounts and weekly circulars to online advertisements and customer-targeted offers – all informed by AI to maximize efficiency and ROI.

Cognira is proud to have a team of domain experts and data scientists that have combined their knowledge and talent to create an innovative and value-driven promotion management solution. Additionally, Cognira has focused on fostering a culture that prides itself on creating strong and long-lasting relationships with their clients.

“We’re very excited to partner with Cub to present the best offers to their customers and deliver value straight to the bottom line of the business,” said Dr. Hatem Sellami, Cognira’s founder and chief executive officer. “Our teams clicked from the first time we met and we knew our solution and our culture are the best fit for Cub.”

About Cognira:
Cognira is the leading AI solutions provider for retailers and wholesalers and is passionate about helping them unlock valuable, transformative business insights from their data.

To learn more about Cognira’s AI Promotion Solution or to schedule a demo visit here. For additional information, check out our website at or contact us.

About Cub
Cub, based in Stillwater, Minn., was established in 1968 as one of the nation’s first discount grocery stores. The organization operates 80 grocery stores and pharmacies in Minnesota and Illinois that offer customers fresh produce, a wide selection and food expertise throughout the stores to meet their everyday grocery needs. Cub also offers a well-crafted selection of wines, champagne, rose, craft beer, cider and mixers through its 30 Cub Wine & Spirits and Cub Liquor stores. As the hometown grocer for over 50 years, Cub has made it a priority to be a good corporate citizen by helping to create healthy and thriving communities that enhance the quality of life for its customers, employees and neighbors. For company news and information, follow us on Twitter® at @CUBFoods and Facebook® at, or visit our website at