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Square Roots partners with electric vehicle firm for last-mile delivery

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NEW YORK, – URB-E, the compact container delivery network that’s replacing trucks with small electric vehicles, today announced its partnership with indoor farming leader Square Roots to enable fast, local delivery of its responsibly grown greens.

The fleet is utilized to deliver fresh produce at Square Roots’ indoor farm in Brooklyn to retail stores across New York City. URB-E’s electric vehicles were successfully deployed starting in December 2021.

URB-E’s containerized system provides capacity for the insulated cold storage bags to protect fresh produce, which enables faster loading and unloading times, better weather protection, and reduced congestion on the road.

All of these features work together to support Square Roots and quickly deliver produce that was picked at peak freshness, arriving in local stores within hours of harvest and minimizing food waste.

“Working with local farmers to deliver their responsibly-grown fresh produce — all while reducing emissions by using our vehicles — is part of building the greener and smarter cities of tomorrow, and that’s why we’re glad to partner with Square Roots,” said Charles Jolley, CEO of URB-E. “Solutions like these not only take cars and trucks off the road, they ensure local, fresh food is available all year round.”

Square Roots’ smart-farm technology platform and software-controlled hydroponic growing systems allows the company to grow more food with fewer resources, 365 days a year, regardless of outdoor weather conditions. Square Roots’ approach uses 95% less water than conventional field farms and repurposes existing urban infrastructure—creating ideal growing climates inside refurbished upcycled shipping containers that are stacked vertically to reduce the company’s impact on the land.

“Square Roots strategically deploys our indoor farms close to end consumers, all across the country, resulting in shorter supply chains everywhere—reducing food miles and minimizing food waste,” said Tobias Peggs, Co-Founder and CEO at Square Roots. “By working with URB-E and utilizing their electric-powered vehicles, initially in New York City, Square Roots can quickly deliver our fresh produce to stores in a way that is better for people and planet, while making good business sense.”

About URB-E

URB-E is containerizing last-mile delivery to help make our cities run better. The containers save a massive amount of space in crowded urban centers and can be moved by e-bikes through city streets more quickly and economically, and with less environmental impact, than other alternatives.

URB-E has some of the world’s largest retailers and ecommerce companies as its clients. The venture-funded company is backed by UBS Group and headquartered in Los Angeles.

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About Square Roots

Square Roots is the technology leader in indoor farming with a mission to responsibly bring its locally grown food to people in cities around the world, all year round. Square Roots is setting new standards for transparency and responsibility, while training a new generation of leaders in agriculture to create a more sustainable food system. Founded by serial entrepreneurs, Kimbal Musk and Tobias Peggs, its range of fresh produce is available in more than 250 retail locations around the country including Whole Foods Market, FreshDirect, Morton Williams, SpartanNash corporate stores, Fresh Thyme Market, Meijer’s market format stores, Busch’s Fresh Food Market, and Gordon Food Service Stores. Square Roots’ strategic partnership with Gordon Food Service reinforces a larger shared ambition to build commercial-scale, climate-controlled indoor farms together across the continent – enabling local food at a global scale, year round. For more information, please visit