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TX1015 Sweet Onion Marketing campaign kicks off second year

tx1015 onion field

Mission, Texas (March 14, 2022) – The Texas 1015 Sweet Onion (TX1015) marketing campaign is celebrating the start of the second year of its historic marketing program.

This program focuses its efforts directly on American consumers to increase awareness of the TX1015 Sweet Onion as the first sweet onion of the year.

Thanks to year one efforts, millions of consumers throughout the U.S. connected to the TX1015 story and growers through the “Farmed by Texans, Famous by Families” campaign that included a variety of public relations and promotional programs.

Dante Galeazzi, manager of South Texas Onion Committee (STOC) BB #:162353 and CEO and President of TIPA BB #:162361 remarked, “Last year was successful beyond our expectations. This year, the campaign will focus even more on getting consumers engaged and excited about the TX1015 Sweet Onion, as well as working with industry partners so consumers can more easily find them at their favorite retailer.”

The biggest promotion this year will be a 10-day celebration of the TX1015 Sweet Onion called ‘TX1015 Restaurant Week’.

The campaign plans on partnering with local restaurants in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas to create a TX1015 Sweet Onion-themed drink or dish to inspire their dining guests. Beyond menu inspiration, diners will have the power to vote for their favorite dishes helping all participating restaurants boost online promotions, with the top three restaurants receiving a prize package.

Galeazzi continued, “This is such an exciting opportunity that gets consumers involved and promotes the rich culinary diversity of TX1015 Sweet Onions in South Texas cuisine while also offering a way for people to experience the unique flavor influences of each restaurant.”

In addition to the restaurant promotion, the 2022 campaign will have several consumer engagements including a Texas-themed giveaway with Texas-inspired prize packages. In line with the inspiration of Restaurant Week, the STOC will also partner with food bloggers and social media influencers to highlight the versatility and flavor through unique recipes.

Based on excitement and consumer feedback in 2021, this year’s campaign will include an effort to guide customers to retail grocers selling TX1015 Sweet Onions.

Galeazzi closed by saying, “We had a lot of social media fans last year asking us where they could find TX1015’s which is the best endorsement you can have when consumers are ready to buy.”

Harvest for TX1015 Sweet Onions is underway and excellent quality and availability are expected through June thanks to optimal growing conditions. Volume is currently increasing, and promotable volumes are expected by March. Contact your TX1015 Sales Agent to plan your TX1015 program. For more information & updates on the 2022 program, visit

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About South Texas Onion Committee
The South Texas Onion Committee (STOC) was founded in 1961 as a result of Federal Marketing Order #959 South Texas Onions. Order #959 authorizes quality regulations, research and promotion programs, and markings, pack and container regulations for onions grown in South Texas. The STOC is made up of growers and shippers handling onions in the 35 counties of South Texas that make up the governed area.