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Local Express debuts Scan, Pay & Go app for retailers

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GLENDALE, CA – Local Express, the provider of the most functional cloud based e-commerce platform for independent retailers, is introducing Scan, Pay & Go, an app that enables frictionless commerce for shoppers in physical stores.

The retailer- branded app improves customer satisfaction by making the shopping experience contactless, more convenient and safer while relieving long lines.

“With Scan, Pay & Go, Local Express now provides a full-suite of tools to help small- and medium-sized independent grocers with the technology needed to serve today’s increasingly savvy shoppers. It helps make these community- based and regional retailers more competitive with larger companies,” said Local Express CEO Bagrat Safarian.

Scan, Pay & Go, which closely follows the introduction of the Local Express kiosk, is transforming the company into a true omnichannel platform that improves the shopping experience across physical and digital activities. It adds personalization with on-demand nutritional information and product suggestions, while addressing many of the labor challenges facing the industry by enabling resources to be devoted to growing digital operations.

The Scan, Pay & Go app can be integrated with the Local Express platform or can be deployed as stand-alone. It can easily be connected to existing retail infrastructure and is highly scalable from for multi-store chains, plus it features multi-language support and is available globally.

About Local Express

Local Express is a SaaS vertical platform for the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry specializing in providing eCommerce solutions to independent retailers and enterprises seeking digital transformation. The branded service allows brick and mortar companies to own their entire eCommerce offering end-to-end, from purchase to delivery. This includes full POS integration, inventory category management, real-time data analytics reporting tools, and total customization of the look-and-feel of their own branded online storefront.