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Produce Almanac provides a fuller view of cost

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Toronto, Canada, January 24, 2022 – This year, more than any in the recent past, it is so important to chronical 2021 and understand it in the context of the last half decade.

Accordingly, Execulytics is thrilled to announce the release of the updated Produce Almanac. This fourth edition has all the data, insight and predictions of the first three editions, plus, complete five-year rate histories for key U.S. produce freight lanes.

This new feature uses the powerful Produce Moneyball algorithm to predict weekly freight rates making this edition the most complete Produce Almanac yet.

“2021 was a year like no other”, said Mike Mauti, Managing Partner of Execulytics. “Freight has become such a big part of the overall produce cost structure that the Produce Almanac had to include it. And it wouldn’t be the Produce Almanac if it didn’t include weekly predictions for those costs.”

The 2022 Produce Almanac offers something for all produce professionals regardless of where they sit in the produce business.

Some of the key features include:

• Exclusive 52-week product cost and freight rate predictions for 2022/23
• 5-year weekly cost and freight rate histories
• Organic premium costs relative to conventional
• Year over year retail prices by week
• Over 1,000 colorful graphs and charts
• Easy to read sourcing details
• Useful tips to drive sales and consumption

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Readers of the Produce Almanac had positive things to say about it:

“A must have”, said Eric Biddiscombe, Country Manager, Canada New Business Development, Tosca. He went on to say that the Produce Almanac “details historical insight on all key categories that can make your business more profitable.”

Meanwhile, Michelle Broom, President of the OPMA offered the following: “Year after year the Produce Almanac delivers the most produce intelligence available in one package. It has proven to be a valuable resource for our more data minded members. This year’s section on freight costs is just another feather in the cap for this publication.”

With logistics costs being one of THE hot button issues for 2021, the Produce Almanac has responded by including weekly rate histories spanning five years for big US market destinations on loads originating in California, Texas and Florida. The Produce Moneyball algorithm then determines 52 weekly projections for each of the eighteen focus freight lanes.

“People often ask me how they can use the Almanac to up their game”, said Mauti. “My answer is always – use it to gain an information and planning advantage on your competitors. Take strawberries for example, costs have been on an upward trajectory for the last five years. Not only is that immediately evident by reading the Almanac, one can also obtain a week 20 cost prediction of $10.90 FOB. Advanced knowledge of this information for the May long weekend business can be vital in getting an edge on your competitors. Plus, the rate for a California truck to New York is predicted to be approximately $9,500 that week, knowing this allows professionals from all walks of the produce industry to plan their programs weeks or months in advance. Talk about taking it to your competitors.”

Analytics savvy organizations can purchase the 2022 Produce Almanac by visiting

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About The Produce Almanac
Grand in scope and loaded with valuable information, this updated fourth edition of Execulytics’ popular Produce Almanac encompasses the entire produce marketplace. It provides a perspective for produce buyers and produce sellers, for logistics managers and freight carriers. It is a rich account of the fruit and vegetable stories from 2021 complete with a predictive tale for 2022. In its graphical and narrative form, it provides a proficient combination of visual appeal and authoritative data. It is a book you’ll read to better understand the produce markets of the past and to develop insights into the future. It is a resource you will refer to again and again throughout the year.