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Chile’s clementine export season begins

According to ASOEX’s Citrus Committee, Chile shipped its first clementine load in week 15 and had shipped 573 tons by week 17, compared to 1,503 tons exported by the same week the previous year.

It is estimated that Chile will export 55,000 tons of clementines this season, which would be 7 percent more than the previous season, as reported by Simfruit.

Juan Enrique Ortuzar, president of the Citrus Committee, said, “Clementines and lemons have already started, and oranges will start soon.

The weather is dry. There have been no significant rains, so the harvests have developed without any setbacks. Although the first shipments to date of clementines are lower than last season, it is too early to establish any change in the estimated for the period.”

The U.S. is the main destination for Chilean citrus, accounting for almost 85 percent of total shipments.

It’s followed by the Far East and Europe, accounting for almost 9 percent and 3 percent of shipments, respectively. Outside of these, Canada, Latin America, and the Middle East also receive shipments.

In March, Chile forecasted a 6 percent year-to-year increase, with the biggest being for mandarins with an 11 percent increase, followed by clementines with a 7 percent increase. Lemons are also expected to see an increase of 3 percent, while oranges will remain the same.


Marco Campos is Media Coordinator, Latin America for Blue Book Services