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USDA releases Round 5 Farmers to Families Food Box contracts

Farmers to Families Food Box

The U.S. Department of Agriculture today announced it has approved contracts for the additional purchase of Farmers to Families Food boxes.

These contract awards are part of the fifth round of the program announced January 4, for deliveries through the end of April.

Vendor Name Vendor State Total Boxes Awarded Contract Value States Serviced
Cascadia Produce LLC WA 175,000 $5,570,250 WA
Coosemans D.C., Inc. FL 67,403 $2,210,818 WV
Costa Fruit & Produce Co. MA 400,000 $12,341,235 NY; CT; RI
Creation Gardens, Inc. KY 132,708 $4,226,750 CO
Daylight Foods, Inc. CA 1,005,741 $27,949,542 CA
Derstines, Inc. PA 361,799 $15,987,898 PR
E.K.K. Investments, LLC CA 10,402 $780,150 GU
Freedom Fresh, LLC FL 360,427 $12,070,700 FL
Get Fresh Sales, Inc. NV 110,459 $3,448,530 NV
Global Trading Enterprises, LLC NJ 840,000 $25,206,880 VT; PA; NY
Gold Star Foods, Inc. CA 972,722 $30,027,928 TX
Ham Produce and Seafood, Inc. HI 39,235 $1,687,105 HI
L.A. Specialty Produce Co. CA 282,885 $8,345,108 CA
Lancaster Foods, LLC MD 162,565 $4,842,811 MD
Liberty Fruit Company, Inc. KS 317,797 $10,107,476 NE; MO; KS
Loffredo Gardens, Inc. IA 125,875 $4,258,742 SD; ND; IA
M. Palazola Produce Co. TN 349,720 $10,938,251 TN; MS
Mac Edwards Produce and Company FL 470,000 $15,392,500 FL
National Meat & Provision Co., Inc. LA 195,107 $6,348,782 LA
Native Maine Produce, Inc. ME 41,709 $1,313,416 ME
North West Company AK 26,828 $2,816,940 AK
P.J.K. Food Service, LLC MD 31,227 $929,003 DC
Pacific Coast Fruit Company OR 197,692 $6,504,067 WA; OR
Premier Produce One, Inc. OH 165,036 $5,363,670 KY
Produce Alliance, LLC IL 1,757,056 $56,061,728 IN; IL; AL; WI; SC; RI; NH; NC; MA
Produce Source Partners, Inc. VA 214,388 $6,528,115 VA
Segovias Distributing, Inc. TX 88,607 $2,791,121 NM
Shamrock Foods Company AZ 247,341 $7,652,731 AZ
Share Farm Inc. WA 32,877 $1,183,572 MT
Stanley Marvel Inc. PA 32,890 $1,018,274 DE
Sudano’s Produce LLC MD 249,166 $7,450,063 NJ
Sunterra Produce Traders, Inc. CA 126,704 $4,145,552 ID; UT
Tom Maceri and Son, Inc. MI 136,856 $4,543,619 MN
Tomato Thyme Corporation FL 8,986 $433,125 VI
Tulsa Fruit Company OK 272,081 $8,916,377 WY; OK; AR
Van Solkema Produce, LLC MI 1,101,823 $35,065,477 GA; OH; MI

A full list of approved suppliers is also posted on the Farmers to Families Food Box Program webpage

In total, USDA has distributed more than 133 million food boxes in support of American farmers and families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The solicitation was issued to over 240 organizations that have previously received Basic Ordering Agreements (BOA). Deliveries will begin shortly after awards are issued and continue with option periods through the end of April. Additional BOA proposals were not reviewed nor accepted at this time.

The additional funding for the program was included in the COVID-19 relief package as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act passed December 21, 2020. In this fifth round of purchases, USDA will again purchase combination boxes to ensure all involved recipient organizations have access to fresh produce, dairy products, fluid milk and meat products, and seafood products will also be included in this round.

A complete list of BOA holders can be found here.

An amendment to the BOA will be issued to clarify the amount of acceptable processed meat products, to include seafood products and to clarify certain labelling requirements. Pre-cooked seafood products are now eligible for food box inclusion and can be aggregated with pre-cooked beef, pork, chicken and turkey products and egg or egg products to meet the existing material description weight requirements.

In addition, USDA has emphasized that a variety of hard, semi-firm or semi-soft cheese, is acceptable in addition to cheddar and other cheeses specified in the solicitation.

The Farmers to Families Food Box program is part of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP), which was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Using authority provided by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, USDA partnered with national, regional and local distributors, whose workforces were significantly impacted by the closure of restaurants, hotels and other food service businesses, to purchase and distribute agricultural products to Americans in need.