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Pacific Organic signs citrus agreement with Flavor King

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Pacific Organic BB #:285823 is delighted to announce the beginning of another Sonoran citrus season and an exclusive marketing agreement with Citrus Game.

Citrus Game, dba Flavor King, BB #:288277 is a high quality citrus grower and post-harvest handler servicing several growers in the Hermosillo Sonora growing region.

Citrus Game/Flavor King is proud to be a vertically integrated, family owned and operated company. Their unique operation includes a state of the art packing line, de-greening, and precooling facility, as well as an extensive QC team.

In the packing operation Citrus Game/Flavor King has four different grading filters to ensure quality and sanitization using only organic products to treat citrus. Their highly trained and qualified staff allows them to continuously exceed expectations; everything, from crop estimates, to harvesting, and post-harvest processing is highly supervised to ensure the best fruit goes into each box.

Quality of product is paramount to Citrus Game/Flavor King as are the people who work so hard for the operation. They support well being of their employees with on-site medical and balanced work schedules while ensuring fair wages and compensation. Training and empowerment for personal growth and recognition further build their success. The sum of these values is demonstrated in their quality – season after season.

Citrus Game/Flavor King oranges are here through May with grapefruits in abundance into March. Mid-November mandarin season begins, lasting through January. Volume is promising heavier and smaller sized fruit due to the light rainfall during Sonora’s rainy season during July-October. Plenty of bag opportunities are available and all fruit will be packed in Pacific Organic’s Purity label.

Quote from the Grower: “It takes love and a lot of hard work to produce and pack high quality organic fruit. We are excited to kick off our winter citrus season with Pacific Organic as our exclusive marketing partner. We look forward to a continued partnership with Pacific Organic Produce as we work together to develop and expand strong customer programs.” – Enrique Gracia Parada Jr.

Quote from the Commodity Manager: “I’m super excited to be part of this team and family. The exclusive with Citrus Game/Flavor King is a powerful stepping stone in our partnership and I’m enthusiastic about the opportunities created for the Sonoran citrus industry. The partnership will unite many growers and open doors to more sustainable programs, while giving farmers stability and peace of mind knowing their fruit is handled responsibly.” – Delilah Romo, Category Manager

Quote from UNFI Produce: “We are looking forward to another successful season with Citrus Game/Flavor King. The Sonoran citrus season will showcase the quality and consistency of product that our partner growers provide the industry through their hard work and dedication.” – Van Argiros, Sr. Director, Procurement

Direct your questions and requests to Amy Rosenoff,, Pacific Organics Produce, 415-673-5555 ext. 62502