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List of Round 3 contractors for food box program

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Washington, D.C., September 17, 2020 – U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved up to $1 billion in contracts to support American producers and communities in need through the USDA Farmers to Families Food Box Program.

A full list of approved suppliers posted on the Farmers to Families Food Box Program webpage and is shown below:


Vendor Name Vendor State  Quantity  Net value Ship To State Region
Atlas Wholesale Food Company MI                288,341 $12,489,008 MI Mid-West
Baptists on Mission NC                  31,992 $1,903,524 NC South-East
Carribean Produce Exchange, LLC PR 357,657 $35,408,043 PR Mid-Atlantic
City Produce of Fort Walton Beach, Inc. FL                     2,526 $149,034 FL South-East
Collins Brothers Corporation GA                  31,226 $1,434,835 GA South-East
Costa Fruit & Produce MA                426,264 $19,795,700 MA; NY; VT North-East
Creation Gardens Inc. KY                423,845 $21,086,289 IN; KY; OH; TN Mid-West; South-East
Daylight Foods, Inc. CA                787,022 $33,802,595 CA Western
DiMare Fresh, Inc. TX             2,338,447 $82,522,247 AZ; AR; FL; LA; NJ; NM; NY; OK; PA; TX; UT South-West; South-East; Mid-Atlantic; North-East
Drouyn & Co., Inc. PR                120,000 $10,080,000 PR Mid-Atlantic
E.K.K. Investments, LLC CA                  13,733 $1,359,567 GU Western
East Coast Trading Import, Export A FL                  23,312 $1,311,067 FL South-East
Excellent Fruit and Produce Inc. FL                  11,356 $638,321 FL South-East
Foster-Caviness Company, Inc. NC                103,938 $5,560,683 NC South-East
Freedom Fresh, LLC FL                147,919 $6,789,482 FL South-East
Gargiulo, Frank M & Son INC NJ                110,254 $4,955,832 NY; NC North-East; South-East
Green Top Farms LLC NY                259,930 $10,649,332 NY North-East
Heeren, LLC MI                136,792 $6,764,364 MI Mid-West
LA Specialty Produce Co. CA             1,158,141 $43,906,300 AZ; CA; NV South-West; Western
Lancaster Foods, LLC VA                  83,529 $3,583,394 MD; PA Mid-Atlantic
Loffrano Gardens, Inc. IA                239,580 $8,955,124 IL; IA; KS; MN; MO; NE; ND; SD; WI Mid-West; Mountain-Plains
Luberski, Inc. CA                744,900 $32,458,339 CA; NV; TX Western; South-West
M. Palazola Produce Co TN                102,373 $4,604,141 MS; TN South-East
Military Produce Group, LLC VA                325,583 $14,651,235 MS; NC; SC South-East
Monteverde’s, Inc. PA                  14,704 $719,026 OH Mid-West
National Meat & Provision Co. Inc. LA                     1,625 $100,344 MS South-East
Oakes Farms Food & Distribution Services FL                  12,370 $803,432 VI North-East
Oneonta Trading Corporation WA                  25,879 $1,503,570 WA Western
P.J.K. Food Service, LLC MD                135,286 $6,493,728 NC South-East
Paragon Wholesale Foods Corp. PA                143,842 $6,553,526 PA; WV Mid-Atlantic
Perfect Pact, LLC FL                335,279 $19,556,824 FL; KY; MS; NC; SC; WA South-East; Western
Premier Produce One Inc. OH                375,531 $17,292,945 IN; KY; OH Mid-West; South-East
Produce Alliance, LLC IL             1,699,871 $79,290,740 AL; FL; GA; IL; IN; IA; LA; MS; NY; NC; OH; OR; SC; TN; WA South-East; Mid-West; South-West; North-East; Western;
Produce Source Partner, Inc. VA                424,669 $18,218,300 VA Mid-Atlantic
Proffer Wholesale Produce, Inc. MO                457,426 $19,709,425 AR; FL; GA; IL; IN; KY; MS; OK; TN South-West; South-East; Mid-West
Robertson Fruit and Produce, Inc. LA                  57,934 $3,125,539 MS South-East
Royal Food Service Co., Inc. GA                534,349 $27,333,899 FL; GA; SC South-East
Russ Davis Wholesale, Inc. MN                  59,164 $2,537,665 CO; MN; WY Mountain-Plains; Mid-West
Saval Foods Corporation MD                  91,668 $3,780,388 DC; MD Mid-Atlantic
Seashore Fruit & Produce Company. Inc NJ                767,745 $33,968,742 DE; MD; NJ; PA Mid-Atlantic
Segovia’s Distributing, Inc. TX                672,474 $30,102,880 NM; TX South-West
Shamrock Foods Company AZ                455,889 $17,661,713 AZ; CA; CO; ID; NM South-West; Western; Mountain-Plains; Western; South-West
Sudano’s Produce, LLC MD                203,942 $9,388,951 MD; NY Mid-Atlantic; North-East
Sysco Corporation TX             2,335,587 $114,476,130 AL; AK; AZ; AR; CA; CO; FL; GA; HI; ID; IL; IN; KY; LA; MD; MI; MT; NV; NM; NY; OH; OK; OR; PA; TN; TX; UT; VT; VA; WA; WV; WY South-East; Western; South-West; Mountain-Plains; South-East; Mid-Atlantic; Mid-West
T&T Produce Co., Inc. GA                223,953 $11,421,603 AL; TN South-East
Taylor Farms Florida, Inc. FL                251,320 $11,128,450 FL South-East
Teddy Bear Fresh MD                     8,817 $405,582 MD Mid-Atlantic
Travel Well Holdings, LLC CA                  30,020 $1,745,663 NV Western
Tulsa Fruit Company OK                261,477 $11,505,940 AR; OK; TX South-West
Vincent Farms, Inc. DE             1,086,456 $42,871,571 CT; DE; ME; MD; MA; NH; NY; PA; RI North-East; Mid-Atlantic