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Markon Crops Report: Fruit supplies nearing peaks

markon 8-10-20

As one would expect, summer fruit season is in peak mode, and consumer demand is keeping many markets higher than previous seasons, even with strong volumes.

Some areas suffered some weather delays, but volumes are increasing on most items, says Mark Shaw, vice president of operations for Markon Cooperative, BB #:123315 Salinas, CA.

Shaw elaborated on some fruit crops that are covered in this week’s Fresh Crop Report.

• Mexico is the main growing region with supplies peaking on 60ct and 70ct #1 fruit
• California will have good supplies through the month of August, peaking on 40ct/48ct/60ct. California is about 80 percent harvested and supplies will decline gradually over the next couple of months

• Pacific Northwest (Washington and British Columbia) is main growing region this time of the year
• Supplies continue to ramp up after a slow start due to cooler/wet weather
• Good supplies with nice quality are now available

• 100 percent California grown fruit is on the market
• Market is decreasing gradually as supplies ramp up weekly
• Quality and flavor are very nice on all colors

• Demand remains strong as Farmers to Families Food Boxes are underway, and boxes can only take domestic fruit
• 113ct and 138ct choice fruit is tightening up and pricing is increasing
• Offshore fruit is on the market, which helps demand across the board. Peak sizes are 88ct and larger and Fancy grade. Retail is the heavy puller of this fruit due to pre-commitments
• Navels are arriving from Australia, Chile, and South Africa
• Australian and Chilean navels are arriving into both coasts, while South African fruit is arriving on the East Coast

• Currently in District 2 (Southern CA coastal region) with District 3 (CA desert and Arizona growing regions) getting started beginning of next month
• Markets are steady
• Mexico has started crossing mainly choice and standard grade in a light way. Expected Mexico’s lemon crossings to ramp up over the next couple of weeks.
• Chilean lemons are also available on both coasts
• Argentinian fruit is arriving on the East Coast

• Market came off a little bit, but is expected to level out with slightly cooler temps forecast for California’s Central Coast over the next two weeks
• Santa Maria is going in a light way with some growers coming up with only a couple pallets each day
• Sizing has increased due to the cooler weather
• Quality is good.


Greg Johnson is Director of Media Development for Blue Book Services