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Revol Greens Releases Three New Products

revol greens

July 22, 2020 – Owatonna, Minn. – Revol Greens, the largest U.S. greenhouse lettuce farm, announced today the launch of three new products. These include Baby Romaine Twins, Arctic Crunch and Power Up blend, bringing back an original favorite and introducing two new salad blends. This announcement follows the news of Revol’s recent greenhouse expansion from two to 10 acres.

“We are incredibly appreciative of the strong loyalty among our followers,” says Mark Schulze, CEO of Revol Greens. “Based on their feedback, we developed these three new products. Our customers are the heart of our innovation. And our newly expanded greenhouse, now 10 acres, allowed us to scale up for these additions.”

The new products include:

Romaine Twins

An original favorite amongst chefs, now available in grocery stores for consumers. Grown to a perfect size, the baby whole-leaf romaine lettuce heads are harvested with the stem in tack to maximize freshness. The romaine can be chopped at home for a salad, or remove the stem and use whole leaves on a sandwich, wrap or tacos.

Arctic Crunch

Arctic crunch is a type of green leaf lettuce with the crunchy characteristics of iceberg, but packed with more nutrients similar to darker green leaf varieties. It’s a great addition to a salad, providing more taste and texture.

Power Up Blend
A powerful combination of kale, chard and arugula, varieties are picked for unique flavor profiles and nutrient characteristics. Kale is a long-standing superfood rich in vitamin A, with chard also high in vitamin K and C, and arugula selected for its beta carotene and vitamin A content. The Power Up blend is great in a morning sauté or smoothie.

Revol Greens’ new products are now available at select grocery stores throughout the Midwest, found here. They range from $2.99-3.99 depending on location. They are also available in bulk packs through most foodservice distributors and on menus of restaurants across the midwest.

About Revol Greens
Revol Greens merges natural growing with modern hybrid hydroponic technology to provide optimal growing conditions 365 days a year. Indoor growing not only allows for year round production but also greater food safety, traceability and cleanliness. Its greenhouse lettuce farm harvests and packages produce the same day, resulting in the freshest taste, most nutrition possible and a shelf life four to six days longer than out-of-state greens. Using advanced greenhouse technology, Revol Greens uses 90 percent less water than traditional field-grown greens. With sustainability at its core, Revol Greens uses recycled rainwater and snowmelt for irrigation and uses sunlight for growth, and high efficiency LED lighting only when necessary. Grown in an animal and pest-free environment, no pesticides or herbicides are used in the process. Revol Greens hold certifications by Primus Labs to meet Global Food Safety Initiative Standards (GFSI), recognized as one of the highest standards for produce food safety. Revol Greens grows more than four million pounds of chemical and GMO-free lettuces annually. For more information, visit and follow on social media @revolgreens

For more information, visit and follow on social media @revolgreens