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Awe Sum Organic begins offering fruit from Frog Hollow Farm

frog hollow

Awe Sum Organics BB #:157008 is proud to announce that starting this season we are again offering legendary and Awe Sum tasting Organic Frog Hollow Farm BB #:367918 fruit to our customers.

Frog Hollow Farm is well known for the amazing flavor and eating quality of their organic peaches, apricots, pluots, and plums. The farm is located in Brentwood, California at the base of Mt. Diablo, an area well known for producing stone fruit and sweet corn with exceptional flavor.

Since 1989, Farmer Al of Frog Hollow Farm has perfected the art of allowing each of his dozens of varieties of organic stone fruit to arrive at the perfect ripeness on the tree for optimum flavor.

Farmer Al is a pioneer of organic farming practices and is committed to sustainable and regenerative agriculture using organic growing methods that make the least impact possible to the land, people, and community. Farmer Al’s belief in sustainable labor practices is employed at Frog Hollow Farm as they provide year-round employment for many local residents.

Frog Hollow supplies their legendary fruit to some of the most well-known fine restaurants in the US such as Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA, and Zuni Café in San Francisco to name a few. Frog Hollow Farm has been featured in The Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, The New York Times, goop, Food & Wine, and Cooking Light.

Awe Sum Organics will be shipping only Frog Hollow’s best-looking tree-ripe fruit that is firm enough to ship and have a good shelf life. Awe Sum will be offering only beautiful fruit that is ripe enough to have great flavor and arrive in good condition after shipping across the country.

To achieve this, a high percentage of Farmer Al’s fruit will be selected out and sold locally at farmers markets and used in the on-site Frog Hollow kitchen to make a variety of delicious items.

“We know that our customers could benefit greatly from increased consumer satisfaction by having the opportunity to offer Frog Hollow’s incredibly sweet, juicy and flavorful peaches, apricots, pluots and plums during the summer months. I’m really excited to be offering Frog Hollow’s fruit again! Back in the early ’90’s Farmer Al and I started working together. I developed markets for his amazingly flavorful fruit in the California Bay Area and to specialty and organic markets on the East Coast for his shippable fruit. After the first bite there’s no going back to other fruit until the summer is over,” said David Posner President, CEO, and Founder of Awe Sum Organics.

We are now offering customer programs through June, July, August, and September for this legendary Frog Hollow Organic fruit.

Frog Hollow Farm’s deep and rich, ancient alluvial soils together with hot sunny days and cool nights during the harvest season and Farmer Al’s unique organic farming practices and tree ripe harvest program all combine to create the Awe Sum and unforgettable flavor of Frog Hollow’s Legendary Fruit.

Contact us if you are interested in building a program for your customers of Farmer Al’s legendary Frog Hollow organic fruit during the summer months.