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California Table Grape Commission promotes marketer

karen hearn

Fresno, CA – Karen Hearn is the new Vice President of Domestic Marketing for the California Table Grape Commission BB #:153597.

Hearn’s responsibilities include leading the domestic retail team, providing strategic direction, and partnering with retailers to motivate consumer purchase of California table grapes.

“Karen has long been a valuable member of the table grape team,” said Kathleen Nave, president of the commission, “and now she has a larger leadership role to play.”

Nave noted that having someone with Karen’s experience, savvy, and commitment lead the domestic marketing program is of tremendous benefit to growers – particularly during such a challenging time.

“Karen knows grapes, knows the retail environment, knows how to help retailers and growers move a crop. She loves the work and it shows.”

Prior to her promotion, Hearn was the senior marketing director for the commission.

“I am grateful for all Karen has done during her tenure, for the leadership she has shown, and for the great work I know is yet to come,” Nave said.

Contact: Jeff Cardinale