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John Vena Inc. upgrades website

john vena website

PHILADELPHIA – John Vena Inc. BB #:104221 has been in the produce business for a century. As the company approached their hundredth anniversary in 2019, President John Vena, the third generation of the Vena family at the helm, decided it was time to bring his team’s expertise to life online.

Now, after more than a year in the making, John Vena Inc. (JVI) is thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new, fully redesigned

The colorful website offers a host of new features. The centerpiece of the site is a comprehensive product database with detailed information on the wide range of specialty fruits, vegetables, and herbs that the company handles. All of the products are commercially available in the U.S. marketplace, so visitors can rest assured that the items they see are within their reach.

“We’re very excited about our product database,” shares Mr. Vena. “This will be a great resource for our customers, who have long requested a digital reference tool from us. We know our customers work day and night, just like we do – so it was important to us that this kind of information be available to them anytime, anywhere.”

The product pages have been tailored for produce industry professionals who need accurate information that will help them handle specialty like a pro. From technical warehouse handling tips that will extend shelf life and improve delivered quality, to culinary applications that will inspire sales teams and consumers, the new JVI website should be a go-to tool for all food professionals.

“More products are being added to the database every day,” says Director of Marketing Emily Kohlhas. “And we’re already looking forward to the next level of functionality – like working with bloggers to include links to authentic recipes or offering free commodity guides that can be downloaded and forwarded directly to an entire sales team in just a few clicks.”

A Blog and growing Resource page with free downloads offer insights and inspiration from JVI’s buying and marketing teams targeted towards food professionals, but engaging for consumers as well.

The site also highlights the range of clients JVI serves, which includes foodservice distributors, retailers, and meal kit companies, as well as the company’s suite of custom services from ripening to repacking.

“Our mission is to make the business of food more interesting, more exciting, and more fun for our customers – and their customers,” reflects Mr. Vena. “I believe this site brings the joy our team has for that mission to life, and I hope our customers feel more engaged with our team and our products when they visit it.”

About John Vena Inc.
Established in 1919, John Vena Inc. (JVI) is a fourth-generation, family-owned and -operated specialty produce importer, wholesaler, and distributor in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. The company provides a full suite of services including wholesale, repacking, ripening, and logistics. JVI handles a wide range of specialty and premium items for foodservice, retail, and processing, including fresh herbs, greenhouse vegetables, gourmet foods, tropical fruits, ethnic produce, wild edibles, microgreens, edible flowers, and baby vegetables.
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