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Cece’s Veggie Co. launches fresh sweet potato “Dinos & Cheese”

Cece Dinos and cheese

PRESS RELEASE: At Cece’s BB #:333864 we still play with our food. But you know who plays with their food even more? Cece herself. Watching her continue to turn dinner into a toy we started thinking of ways to make playing with your food even easier cause, why not? That’s when the idea of Dinos & Cheese was born as we started testing shapes we could make with our veggies. Now, turning Hannah Sweet Potatoes (also known as White sweet potatoes) into dinosaurs was no easy task.

There’s a lot of technology behind those cute little prehistoric shapes. And while there’s always something a little strange about eating the heads off these dinos, it’s so delicious we just can’t blame you. Some dinos you’ll recognize and some you won’t. Take a stab at guessing the closest dinosaur like it, or make up your own dinosaur! We found a Hannahsaurus Rex and a Cheesyraptor without getting too far.

We’ve got a couple of other mac n cheese style products in the mix, such as our Cauli & Cheese, but another reason kids love Dinos & Cheese is the Hannah Sweet Potato. This varietal of sweet potatoes is milder in taste than an orange sweet potato, with a texture and color similar to white potatoes which makes them look more like traditional grain-based pasta. When we tested Dinos & Cheese with kids we got rave reviews – several kids didn’t even know it was a vegetable!

Now, while we always encourage dinnertime transparency, sometimes we know to save those battles for other meals and just get the veggies on the plate. Luckily for parents, Dinos & Cheese is a healthy choice. Not only are Hannah Sweet Potatoes packed with all the amazing nutrients below, but the cheese also provides a significant amount of calcium and vitamin D to help with bone growth and development.

In fact, this meal is so nutritious and delicious, we won’t blame you if it doesn’t even make it to your kid’s plate. This dino-mite new meal is great for kids and adults alike, so eat your dinos before they go extinct! Dinos & Cheese can be found at Whole Foods stores across the nation. Visit our store locator to find a location near you: