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Oppy imports North America’s first organic Arra 15 grapes

From left: Bill Polous, Gianfranco Montoya (Fundo los Paltos), Tony Illiano and Andrew Schallenhammer. Photo courtesy of Oppy.

Building on its success as one of the top marketers of Peruvian table grapes in the world, Oppy BB #:116424 has added another international first to its wide-ranging repertoire by becoming the inaugural importer of the organic green seedless Arra 15 variety.

The new, premium organic grapes originate from the lush Buena Vista Valley, in Casma, Peru which lies in the midpoint between other notable grape growing regions of Piura to the north and Ica to the south. The leading grower, marketer and distributor of fresh produce from around the world will offer medium and large organic Arra 15 grapes, which will deliver an exceptional flavor and crunch — deftly balancing between acidity and sweetness.

“Oppy has always prioritized innovation throughout its 162-year history and we are proud to consistently bring retailers what their customers are demanding,” Oppy’s Director of Import Grapes and Stonefruit Bill Poulos said. “Our import grape season is already off to a fantastic start and with the addition of this new premium variety we are adding yet another first to our comprehensive and innovative grape program.”

By working with Peru’s Fundo Los Paltos to introduce the organic Arra 15, Oppy will expand its well-established import grape program which already offers several new varieties for the first time this season such as SunWorld Innovations’ Midnight Beauty®, Scarlotta Seedless®, Sable Seedless®, Autumncrisp® and many others. This reflects Oppy’s flexibility in diversifying its product mix based on the shifting needs and demands of the market.

Oppy’s international scope and expansive supply chain enable it to grow and market grapes from Peru, Chile, Brazil and South Africa, so it can serve customers in North America and beyond with a wide range of tasty varieties year-round, fulfilling its expect the world from us promise.


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