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New World Farming Trade’s Chilean grape harvest starts early

new world muscats 2

We at New World Farming Trade BB #:209416 announce the beginning of our harvest in Chile from mid-February 2020.

This season’s Pink Seedless Muscatel is being harvested two weeks early and due to arrive into U.S ports on March 5, 2020. Weather has been optimal for “Grandma’s Muscatel,” high heat daily fluxing into cool nights.

The range in temperature is giving the Pink Muscatel Grape a sensational blush coloring with high brix sugar level while enhancing its exotic perfumed flavor. Were excited that we will be able to serve our customers throughout North America even earlier this year.

The drought will have a slight effect for berry sizing on most of the grape varieties. What we are seeing in our vineyards looks very nice. Grandma’s Pink Seedless Muscatel Grape will be available in pouch handle bags (16 lb.) and in 11 x 1 lb. clamshell packs.

Availability will start approximately March 6th and extend through May 2020. We expect good and promotable volume throughout the season.

Because of the high heat and early harvest, the late April “storage quality” green grape will be difficult to acquire this season.

Source: Jim Mulcahy, sales manager