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Pro Citrus Network launches MandaRosa red mandarin

MandaRosa 2lb Kraft Bag
(PHOTOS: Pro Citrus Network)

PRESS RELEASE: Visalia, CA – Pro Citrus Network BB #:172001 announced the debut of MandaRosa®, a new brand of proprietary variety red-fleshed mandarins, exclusively offered by PCN. MandaRosa mandarins are a natural cultivar of a Tarocco Blood Orange and Clementine, also known as the Mandared variety, and are officially the world’s first patented pigmented, seedless mandarin.

Originally created in Italy, the Mandared variety was first propagated in the US through a collaboration between the Citrus Breeding Institute in Sicily and private citrus breeders in California, who later approached PCN to market the variety.

“This is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind mandarin variety. We are super excited to welcome MandaRosa to our specialty citrus family,” says Kim Flores, VP of Business Development & Marketing for PCN. “Specialty citrus varieties are an important part of our commodity portfolio so it’s a natural fit for us, especially as the mandarin category evolves and varieties with superior flavor profiles become increasingly important.”

The flavor and internal colors of this variety vary and change as the fruit matures, very much like blood oranges, with some fruit having red/purple pigment & others more reddish orange. This pigmentation is caused by the most powerful antioxidants in nature, Anthocyanins (also found in blackberries, blueberries, etc.), which have well-documented health benefits.

“We have been working closely with the grower and have invested in developing this program,” says Christine Raymer, PCN’s VP of Sales.

“We’ve had a lot of excitement with the team in launching this new variety and have received good, positive feedback on samples we’ve sent to some of our top customers. Shipments from the first harvest are going out this week so we are eager to see how it performs in the market, especially once consumers discover it.”

MandaRosa mandarins are available for a limited time, from February through early March, and are available in bulk two-layer trays and 15/2# reduced-plastic bags. Peak season is mid-February which is perfect for Valentine’s Day promotions.

About PCN

Pro Citrus Network, headquartered in Visalia, CA, specializes in providing high- quality, fresh citrus year-round to the retail and food service markets, throughout North America and globally. Founded in 2004 by industry veteran and citrus grower Allan Dodge, PCN strives to be the “go-to company” in the fresh citrus category year-round. PCN’s domestic and international family of growers, experienced sales and marketing staff, knowledge of the entire citrus supply chain, and commitment to providing high-quality, year-round fresh citrus ensures that customers’ needs are always met or exceeded in a consistent, timely, and professional manner. For additional information, please visit: