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New Year’s Resolutions from produce leaders

resolution mugs 2020

As 2020 approaches, many people are pondering the future and coming up with a few New Year’s resolutions.

The practice dates back over 4,000 years ago to the Babylonians, who are credited as the first to celebrate the start of each new year. They also made promises and proffered gifts to the gods, in hopes of earning bountiful crops in the coming months.

It’s not a stretch to say many in the produce industry seek the same—and this bounty then helps the millions who vow annually to “eat healthier” as one of their top goals.

In addition to eating healthier, the other most popular resolutions include getting more exercise, disconnecting a bit from technology, doing more with less, or being a better version of one’s self. All are laudable and good for the individual and society.

So, in the same spirit, we asked a few people in and around the industry—including Blue Book’s own—to choose a few resolutions, personal or professional, for the New Year. Here’s what they had to say…

Rachel Atkinson-Leach
RPE, Inc. BB #:105471
My New Year’s resolution: to “be present.” In today’s world, we’re so distracted with phone calls and emails we often overlook what’s right in front of us: an opportunity to truly engage and grow our success with our peers and coworkers. I find that collaboration is the true key to success.

Harris Cutler
Race-West Company BB #:156704
Based on the ever-changing nature of our business, we want to get to know and understand the issues of our trading partners, meet more of the companies in our industry that are like us, and help everyone in our market areas have the right merchandise, at the right volume, and the right prices. Happy 2020 to all!

Mark Erickson
Blue Book Services, Inc.
Professionally in 2020, I resolve to spend more time interacting with customers to learn how we can best serve their needs. Personally in 2020, I resolve to read more books, a discipline I’ve let slip the past few years and want to strengthen.

Ron Lemaire
Canadian Produce Marketing Association BB #:153602
New Year’s resolutions from CPMA: (1) Continue to represent our members’ best interests while growing the Canadian and global produce sectors; (2) Work in collaboration with the industry and government to establish viable solutions to social and environmental issues, including food loss and waste, plastic packaging, and filling Half Your Plate with fruits and vegetables at every meal; and (3) Foster innovation within the produce sector and in affiliated industries where new products and services can lend support to the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain.

Dan Vaché
Vaché Ventures BB #:355781
New Year’s resolutions : (1) Have some fun and smile each day with family and friends; (2) Remain physically fit with an improved healthy lifestyle; and (3) Promote the consumption of fresh produce through industry involvement and salad bars in schools by way of the Tour de Fresh!

Happy New Year!!


Taryn Pfalzgraf is Senior Editorial Manager for Produce Blueprints