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Investing in the future

Headshot of C. James Carr, President & CEO of Produce Blue Book.

If you were one of the 24,000+ participants who journeyed to Anaheim, CA, to attend the PMA Fresh Summit last week, you know how dynamic the show was.

There were very good speakers, opportunities to network, and lots of exercise (the tradeshow was big and beautiful). We were challenged, educated and informed, and well fed as we walked the trade floor.

We saw new varieties of old products, new products based on old varieties, new packaging concepts, and lots of tech in general.

The future was on full display.

The most exciting feature of the show for Blue Book Services was the opportunity to invest in possible future entrepreneurs. Through PMA’s Career Pathways Program, Blue Book provides each student, who participates in the program from a supporting university or college, with a free online membership for one year.

We are proud to have provided gratis Blue Book Online Services memberships to over 35 students for each of the last six years. These young people may decide to seek employment in the produce industry, and they may well become the champions of the future.

All who have been a part of this great industry have a responsibility to give back. One of the best ways is to invest in future generations of young men and women by teaching and showing them what we do.

We urge you to be a part of the future by supporting ag programs in high schools and colleges.

Offer internships, be a speaker at events that young people attend, and support trade associations that offer educational and networking opportunities.


Jim Carr is the President and CEO of Blue Book Services Inc.