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Pacific Organic expands offerings ahead of Fresh Summit

PRESS RELEASE San Francisco, CA – Anaheim is coming up fast and here’s a sneak prevue of the exciting programs Pacific Organic BB #:285823 will be showcasing at the PMA. We are pulling in the best and brightest offerings in the fresh produce industry to delight consumers and support growers around the world with new opportunities, growth and quality in organic.

Our offerings are tremendous starting with organic mangos. Who said you can’t have a year-round program?

Just combine our mango growing expertise of Mexico, Ecuador and Peru. Pacific Organic offers Pilot organic mangos from Ecuador (Ataulfo and Tommy Atkins varieties) arriving early November. Organic Kents from Peru’s select premium growers will follow close behind. Both offer Fair Trade opportunities.

We’re excited to source our organic oranges through Purity Organic. The Mexican Early and Valencia (Sonoran grown) program runs from fall through early summer with promotional volume available on counts and bags. Also offered is unstickered fruit for in-store juice programs and juice grade to processors.

Don’t forget our broad organic vegetable program – Mexican asparagus, brussels sprouts, cucumbers, eggplant, onions (red, white, & yellow), bell peppers, peas (snow & sugar snap), and zucchini – with consumer packs and promotional opportunities.

From California we highlight organic lemons, Rio Red grapefruit, and minneolas proudly grown by Doc’s Organics; Doc’s Organics produces high quality, desert grown, California citrus. This will be the third season operating out of their new, state of the art packing, cold storage, and de-greening facility with a packing capacity of 300-350 bins a day. Doc’s organic citrus is available from August to May; Twin Girls Farms (from California’s central valley) provides organic pomegranates, persimmons, and navels.

Be sure to watch for our year-round organic Mexican avocados (Fair Trade available) and organic winter cherries from Argentina (available November – December).

Pacific Organic provides retailers that extra lift with enhanced programs that drive new growth opportunities for its partners.

We take care in sourcing from farms that provide consistency in quality and availability. We are proud that many of the farms we work with have been our partners for 20 years. We continue to grow our supply base and look forward to celebrating 20-year milestones with our newest supplier partners in citrus, mangos and veg. We have a robust sales team that provides the best in quality service to our customers.

Can’t wait for PMA? Shoot your requests to Amy Rosenoff, Sales Director Pacific Region, UNFI Produce at 415-235-2421 and/or Mike Rubidoux at 415-673-5555 or look them up at Booth #1892. John Stair, Gerry Chua and Tina Barnes will also be attending from Pacific Organic Produce.

Contact:Amy Rosenoff
415-673-5555 ext. 62502