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Ruby Robinson rebrands to The Ruby Company under new leadership

PRESS RELEASE: BUFFALO GROVE, IL — Chicago-based produce distribution and supply company Ruby Robinson BB #:102013 announces an official rebrand effective September 20, 2019 becoming “The Ruby Company.”

Originally founded in 1966 specializing in the sales and distribution of potatoes and onions, Ruby Robinson has since evolved to a full line supplier of nearly all fresh commodities servicing customers coast-to-coast.

Along with the new name comes a new brand identity for The Ruby Company. It is a direct reflection of the company’s evolution into an all-encompassing and full-service business as well as the next generation of leaders and personnel who steer the ship day in, day out.

David Cohen, President and CEO shares “We took this opportunity to rethink not only our name but our entire brand. We are proud to be ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry. Our new brand identity as The Ruby Company will now exemplify just how far the business has come.”

The comprehensive rebrand elevates the focus on the customer and the value The Ruby Co. provides every day with every order.

Cohen goes on to mention “We are very excited to launch the new brand externally. Our goal is to not only modernize the business but mainly celebrate the newfound culture and personality driven mainly by rapid growth, new leadership and our incredible employees- the driving force of the organization. The core business, service, and values that we all embody will remain the same. Our unwavering dedication to our customers and grower-shipper network will not only maintain course but rather further develop and strengthen as the business continues to evolve.”

“The Rebrand hopes to help facilitate continued growth and diversification” said Jeff Weisman, Senior Vice President.

The Ruby Company plans to capitalize on strategic growth by uniquely positioning themselves in the marketplace.

Weisman goes on to say, “Steadfast reliability and genuine partnership help us disrupt an industry crowded with smoke and mirrors tactics. We believe in an ethical and transparent business model in which we have skin in the game, investing not only in our team and capabilities but in the relationships, we build with our customers and growers. For us this isn’t just a job, it’s a mission. We do ‘Whatever It Takes’ to deliver on our promise, no matter what.”

More than just a brand promise, “Whatever It Takes” is applied consistently throughout the brand as a benchmark for who The Ruby Company is and what they stand for. Josh Wolff, Director of Growth and Strategy notes, “It’s a rallying cry for internal teams, an authentic expression of our voice, and a creative theme reflecting what sets us apart in our industry”.

Wolff goes on to say, “This brand promise is an aspirational beacon. Our north star pointing the way to who we want to be for our customers and growers. It makes us a business of action and an essential partner in the produce pipeline. It’s not just about working hard, everyone does that. It’s going out of our way never to let our partners down, no matter how tough the challenge.”

The Ruby Company knew an unconventional and unique approach to the rebrand was essential in order to ‘break-the-mold’ in the antiquated and crowded produce landscape. “We are redefining who we are, driving change and shaping the future of the business by staying true to who we are and the position we aim to play across the supply chain”, said Wolff. “The brand ethos has always been built on trust, credibility and industry expertise – that’s what’s kept the business humming seamlessly for the past almost 6 decades.”

Cohen adds, “We pride ourselves on our relationships and our ability to support and connect with our customers and growers. It’s not only the products we grow, sell and distribute; it’s the people behind the scenes that bring a sense of calm to the everyday chaos that is the produce industry”.

The new branding further enables the company to stand out, not only within the expansive produce industry but within the ever-growing and shifting foodservice and retail landscapes. The rebranding included a top-to-bottom redesign of the company’s’ website, logo, graphics, communications and general correspondence.

The Ruby Company’s website, includes in-depth information not only on products or services but about the people and their approach to conducting everyday business. A clean and modern approach to the website’s design was taken with a special emphasis on the general user experience; ensuring a good balance of information with user interaction.

The Ruby Company’s new brand assets are an integral part of the brand’s visual identity—embodying internal personality and providing a fresh perspective in today’s antiquated marketplace. Staying true to the grass roots spirit, The Ruby Company logo is reminiscent of mid-century window lettering- walking the line of true “Americana” design, yet still modern and approachable. The diamond shape and primary red color of the logo also give nod to the industry’s heritage while the hand-drawn nature of the illustrations reflects the human-centered approach they live by.
About The Ruby Company

Ruby is a national produce, distribution, and supply company that builds partnerships between growers and commercial purchasers to deliver the best product consistently and with integrity.

When you combine over 50 years of quick-on-your-feet experience with a large and still growing footprint of distributors, growers, and purchasers, there’s no need, no pipeline problem The Ruby Company can’t solve. We are an essential partnership link between produce growers and commercial purchasers from coast-to-coast.

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Media Contact:
Josh Wolff
Director of Growth & Strategy