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Naturipe Avocado Farms Announces New CEO

Company Press Release – Naturipe Avocado Farms announces the appointment of Francisco Jose Del Rio Alamos as CEO.

In his new role, Del Rio will be responsible for pursuing investment opportunities and leading the development and management of the avocado business unit.

“As a farmer myself, I see great potential in Naturipe Avocado Farms,” says Del Rio. “In a way, I have been with Naturipe Avocado Farms since its inception. My family’s farm, San Jose Farms, is an affiliate of Baika LTDA, a Chilean grower-owner of Naturipe Avocado Farms. It brings me great joy to take on this new role and continue the journey with Naturipe.”

“We are excited to have Francisco lead this new strategic business unit,” says Chris Coffman, President and CEO of Naturipe Brands. “He excels in creating a culture of innovation and provides a breadth of global and day-to-day operational experience to establish strategic planning for Naturipe Avocado Farms.”

Prior to joining Naturipe Avocado Farms, Del Rio founded Global Food Products Trading LTDA, where he remains CEO. His leadership skills in successfully forming new companies and leading exceptional customer service and supply chain management are key to leading Naturipe Avocado Farms to success. Del Rio holds an undergraduate degree in agronomy and a Masters of Advanced Management degree from Yale University.

About Naturipe Farms

Naturipe Farms is a grower-owned producer and marketer of healthy, best tasting, premium berries and avocados. An industry leader for over 100 years in producing healthy and delicious fruit, and value added products. The diverse grower base and focus on innovation ensures year-round availability of “locally grown” and “in-season global” conventional and organic fruit.

Naturipe is a partnership between highly-esteemed growers, whose fields are spread across the globe. By sharing resources, skills, labor and knowledge, we are better farmers and in turn strengthen the local farm community. To ensure consistent, year-round availability with a commitment to “locally grown” seasonal produce, our products are farmed in the most optimal growing regions throughout North and South America.

Contact: Jaqueline Padilla, 831-443-2354,