Know Your Commodity Resources

At Blue Book Services, we know just how important it is for our customers to have an in-depth knowledge of commodities. That is why we have the Know Your Commodity resource section available to non-members and members alike.

Use this commodity information to determine when and from where to source a product. This key information will help guide business decisions.

Other benefits of this resource include the ability to review Good Delivery Guidelines, learn about the best practices before and after harvests and gaining a better understanding of the commodity types and varieties available to customers.

Blue Book Members receive a print edition annually, in addition to online access.

Don’t let guess work harm the value of business. Use our Know Your Commodities resource to find information needed to help your business thrive. 

Know Your Commodity resources are available to all, and can be accessed right here. Look up individual commodity information and access or download a flip page version of our Know Your Commodity Guide, featuring over 85 commodities.

Access Know Your Commodity

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