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Stemilt says Lil Snappers bags move apple volume

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WENATCHEE, Wash. – Marketing apples is easy as snapping your fingers with Stemilt’s BB #:113654 Lil Snappers kid-size fruit.

As a proven way to market apples as a fresh, healthy snack for parents and children, Stemilt’s marketing director, Brianna Shales, says Lil Snappers are an all-in-one merchandising tool for retailers to increase purchase size and move apple volume.

“Lil Snappers are one of the best ways to market apples because it shows intent during a big crop like this year’s,” says Shales. “These fruits may be petite, but they are big on flavor and loved by parents and children for their crisp and juicy bites! Lil Snappers are convenient for grab-and-go shopping and feature high-color branded merchandising that arrive in display-ready cartons.”

Over the past year of apples sales, Nielsen retail scan data shows almost 43% of apples were sold in bags with the remaining 57% of apples sold in bulk. The most popular bag size for selling apples was 3lb. Lil Snappers come in a 3lb pouch bag that stands up by itself on store shelves, and in the refrigerator for little hands to reach into for a healthy fruit snack. 

“The 3lb bag size is the most common sold in the apple category,” says Shales. “Of the 43% of apples sold in bags in the past year, 74% percent of that volume comes from the 3lb size. Selling apples in a 2lb bag can help make retail prices more attractive to consumers, but with volumes of bagged apples in this year’s crop, that can also be a reality with the 3lb. size.”

From a regional perspective, the Southern U.S. has the highest percentage of bag sales, coming in at 43%, while the Northeast and Midwest are at 35%. Over the past year, 59% of organic apples have been sold in bags. With volume behind them, there is ample opportunity this year for retailers to move into a 3lb size bag for organic apples with Lil Snappers® Promoting organics alongside other core varieties like Fuji, Honeycrisp, Pink Lady® and Granny Smith can help increase purchase size and keep volume moving.

“Lil Snappers can make it easy to sell apples this crop year if you really get behind it,” says Shales. “Remember the 4 P’s of marketing when it comes to getting behind Stemilt’s kid-sized fruit: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. If you can execute on these 4 things, we’ll be that much closer to delighting consumers with the goodness inside each pack of Lil Snappers!”

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