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Perfect downloads, warm pulps, and restricted access

- Trading Assistance
No two carrier claims are identical, but there are recurring themes. For example, when presented with a warm temperature report from a portable recorder, carriers find themselves in an unfavorable position.

Produce Pointers: Negative returns

- Trading Assistance
The Problem: Negative return from price-after-sale (PAS) transaction.

Beware of Technical Traders: A True/False Quiz Part 2

- Trading Assistance
Here’s Part 2 of our quiz on dealing with Technical Traders, which digs deeper into damages.

Beware of Technical Traders: A True/False Quiz Part 1

- Trading Assistance
Are you prepared to do business with a technical trader? Let’s find out with some true/false questions based on Blue Book’s Trading Guidelines.

DRC to transition CEOs at start of 2021

- General News
Fred Webber plans to retire as CEO of the Fruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation at the end of the year, and the new CEO should be familiar to the industry.

Trading Assistance: An employee’s apparent authority

- Trading Assistance
An employee’s actions within the scope of employment are binding under the concept of apparent authority.

Buyer Beware, Seller Beware

- Trading Assistance
The produce industry is unique in that it requires a great deal of trust, kind of like a teeter-totter.

Coronavirus and Force Majeure

- Analysis
“Force majeure” refers to certain unforeseen and unavoidable events—“acts of God,” in legal language—that prevent a party from fulfilling its side of the contract.

Trading Assistance: Truck Brokers & Cargo Claims

- Trading Assistance
Within North America, most fresh produce is hauled by small fleets and owner-operators that produce vendors do not know and do not vet for integrity, performance, or financial wherewithal.

Care in Crisis: Trading Assistance

- Blue Book Services
In Blue Book Services “Care in Crisis” video No.8, Jeff Lair, Marketing Director, highlights Trading Assistance – available to members – with Greg Johnson, Director of Media Development.