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Trading Assistance: Truck Brokers & Cargo Claims

- Trading Assistance
Within North America, most fresh produce is hauled by small fleets and owner-operators that produce vendors do not know and do not vet for integrity, performance, or financial wherewithal.

Care in Crisis: Trading Assistance

- Blue Book Services
In Blue Book Services “Care in Crisis” video No.8, Jeff Lair, Marketing Director, highlights Trading Assistance – available to members – with Greg Johnson, Director of Media Development.

The importance of preserving your PACA rights

- Trading Assistance
I talked with Doug Nelson from Blue Book’s Trading Assistance group in a video to gather further insight, such as how a produce seller can extend payment terms without risking its PACA trust rights.

Interpreting USDA Inspection Certificates

- Trading Assistance
Here are five tips for produce pros to keep in mind when reviewing inspection certificates completed at destination.

Get a price adjustment in writing or pay price

- Trading Assistance
A salesperson denies a price adjustment was given. Where does that leave you now?

Freight bill responsibility after a rejection

- Trading Assistance
What is your recourse to claim damages?

FAQ: Interpreting Transit Temp Part 2

- Trading Assistance
This is part two of an article where we identify and respond to some frequently asked questions Blue Book Services receives regarding transit temperatures.

FAQ: Interpreting Transit Temps

- Trading Assistance
Transit temperatures are at the heart of countless trading and transportation disputes involving fresh produce. Here are some common questions and answers.

A true/false quiz for produce vendors Part 3

- Trading Assistance
PACA can be a complicated but critical tool for produce companies. How well do you know some of the fundamentals, such as whether foreign suppliers are covered? Here's part 3 of our quiz series.

A true/false quiz for produce vendors Part 2

- Trading Assistance
The daily rush of buying, selling, and servicing customers probably leaves little time for brushing up on the industry trading rules you’ve learned over the years. Here’s Part 2 on acceptance and rejection.