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7 Reasons Leaders Fail: #6- Failure to Change

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No business leader needs to be told that resistance to change can be the death of a company.

7 Reasons Leaders Fail: #5- Inability to Communicate Effectively

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Nothing is more fatal to a business than poor communication—and this also starts at the top.

7 Reasons Leaders Fail: #4- Taking People for Granted

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Employees keep a business moving and growing, but they’re also people who don’t want to feel as if they’re being taken for granted.

7 Reasons Leaders Fail: #3- Managing Through Fear

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The business world is tough, and the cost of failure is high. Some leaders develop thick skin that enables them to weather the stresses of competition, but others go too far and begin to use fear and intimidation to govern the workplace.

7 Reasons Leaders Fail: #2- Moral Lapses

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It’s hardly a radical position to say that many business leaders focus on the bottom line to the exclusion of all other values.

7 Reasons Leaders Fail: #1- Refusing to Delegate

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Many leaders, particularly those who started their own businesses and went through phases of needing to handle everything themselves, develop the habit of not delegating work to their managers or employees—even ones they hired to handle some of these responsibilities.

7 Reasons Leaders Fail: Warning signs, remedies, and the road to redemption

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Whether you manage five people or five thousand, learning how to spot and prevent leadership mistakes can reduce trouble before it starts.

Packaging: The need for better solutions

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Despite the huge number of innovations, the fundamental problems of produce packaging do not seem to have been solved in any comprehensive way.

Packaging: The cost of innovation

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Considering all the innovation in packaging, the question remains: Are these newfangled packages going to be more expensive than their predecessors? After all, as a rule, new things cost more than old things.

Packaging: Sustainability and bulk

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Produce industry experts agree that the move toward sustainability will continue.