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Commissioner Nikki Fried calls on USDA to provide “fairness” to Florida farmers

- General News
Florida Ag Commissioner Nikki Fried is calling for federal action to address the "continued unfair foreign trade practices being employed by Mexico and others that are causing severe harm to the domestic seasonal produce industry."

Peru ranks as fourth largest food supplier to U.S.

- International
The main Peruvian products imported by the U.S. in the semester were grapes (35 percent share), asparagus (9 percent share), mango (8 percent share) and blueberries (5 percent share).

Peruvian asparagus importers optimistic at season start

- General News
Peruvian Asparagus Importer’s Association (PAIA) members expect a high volume, successful asparagus season.

Guatemalan vegetable imports on the rise

- General News
The Guatemalan Produce Trade Association reports fresh vegetable imports from Guatemala have increased year-over-year. According to USDA/FAS statistics significant volumes in several key vegetable categories have risen over the past year.

Exploring the ways the pandemic changed SE Asian business

- General News
The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way the produce and food industries operate in Southeast Asia, just as elsewhere. However, the experiences are different everywhere, proving once again, we’re not all in it together.

GAB building cold storage DC in Laredo, TX

- General News
A M King has begun construction of a south Texas distribution center for Mexico-based GAB Operations, LLC.

American Blueberry Growers gain support in ITC case

- General News
A broad coalition of industry groups, elected officials, and state agricultural leaders – including U.S. Sens. Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters of Michigan – are standing up to defend the interests of American blueberry growers by submitting letters of support for the International Trade Commission's investigation into the serious injury caused by surging imports of foreign blueberries, the American Blueberry Growers Alliance announced today.

Southern Specialties expands its Mexican asparagus

- General News
Southern Specialties, a leading grower, importer, processor and distributor of asparagus is ramping up its expanded Mexican asparagus deal.

Imports pressure U.S. winter strawberry markets

- Analysis
The concern is that Mexico is continuously increasing strawberry imports into the U.S. at costs below production, which makes it difficult, if not impossible, for Florida growers to compete. What do the numbers say?

U.S. ginger imports surge in 2020

- International
The United States is the world’s largest importer of ginger, in part due to the high prices for this commodity in the domestic market and also because of the beneficial properties against COVID-19.