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Don’t get burned by field heat this summer

- Trading Assistance
Carriers should not drive away with loads that cannot be cooled to the instructed temperature range. Know your rights as a shipper.

When to call for a government inspection

- Dock to Dock
You’ve receiving a distressed produce load, but is a government inspection certificate necessary to make a claim?

What to consider in a transit temp dispute

- Dock to Dock
Here's why when transit temperatures are disputed, we believe parties should be open to all available information on what the air temperatures were within the trailer during the trip in question.

Warm weather and transit temps

- Dock to Dock
If a carrier can not warrant transit temperatures it should consider refusing the load.

Shortage claims must allow for validation

- Dock to Dock
Any problems on arrival should be noted on the delivery receipt with specificity.

Wrongfully rejected loads

- Dock to Dock
In close cases it is often better to attempt to settle a dispute rather than putting the questions to a judge or arbitrator.

Warm weather transit temps – how to handle a hot trip

- Dock to Dock
If a carrier cannot warrant transit temperatures it should consider refusing the load.

Who is responsible when produce is frozen in transport?

- Dock to Dock

The Problem: Carrier denies full responsibility despite evidence product was frozen in transit. The Key Point: If the carrier …